The Art of the Sandwich

You may not think of sandwiches as “art,” but these lunchtime mainstays surely can be. Giant Eagle® offers tips on creating tempting sandwiches.
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Your Canvas: The Bread

Start your art project with baked, crusty bread instead of sliced bread out of a plastic bag. Your sandwich will be more nutritious, better tasting and more filling when you use whole wheat, whole or multigrain, sourdough, ciabatta, or any of the hearty, home-style breads from the Giant Eagle bakery.

Let Your Imagination Run

Use some of these unique sandwich ideas as a basis for creating your own.

  • The Chicken & Arugula Sandwich starts with sunflower bread. Fresh arugula and slices of Giant Eagle rotisserie chicken are painted with horseradish, yogurt and honey for a deliciously unique sandwich meal.
  • Chickpeas, oatmeal and more on whole wheat pita bread put the nutrition and flavors of the Middle East into our Falafel Sandwich.
  • For a taste of Mexican, try this Senorita Fajita Sandwich, which features rotisserie chicken, chipotle-flavored reduced-fat mayonnaise and pepper jack cheese.

If you’d rather create a sandwich that’s more familiar, try one of these regional favorites:

  • Pittsburgh-style sandwich: Start with two thick slices of fresh Italian bread, then build this work of art using any of these fillings. Be sure to complete your project with generous toppings of hot French fries and cool coleslaw.

    • Corned beef brisket and provolone cheese garnished with lettuce and tomato
    • Black Forest cooked ham and cheddar cheese with lettuce and tomato.
    • Pastrami, Italian-style roast beef, provolone and mozzarella cheeses
    • A traditional Pittsburgh sandwich can be made with any of your favorite cheeses and meats — or even a fried egg. Just don't forget the signature coleslaw and French fries.
  • Cleveland Polish Boy
    • Place a foot of kielbasa on an Italian bun; smother the sandwich with coleslaw and barbeque sauce, then cover with French fries.
    • Experiment with different flavors by varying the types of kielbasa and coleslaw in your sandwich. Giant Eagle carries a wide variety of kielbasa and our own home-style coleslaw.
  • Italian Beef Sandwich
    • Start with a Certified Angus® Beef Rib Roast from Giant Eagle. Slice the beef thinly and layer it on top of thick Italian rolls or ciabatta bread.
    • Make a beef sandwich au jus with Italian seasonings, such as oregano, parsley, basil, and garlic, and beef drippings. Don't have any beef drippings? Use beef stock or Italian dressing instead. For moist, juicy results, soak the meat in the stock or dressing.
    • Here is an  Italian Beef Sandwich recipe you can try.
  • Po' Boy: Traditional Po' Boys are made with shrimp on French baguettes, but you can use crabmeat or other kinds of seafood.
  • Hoagies (submarine sandwich, sub, grinder)
    • Italian hoagies are usually made with thin-sliced ham and mozzarella layered atop either focaccia or Italian white bread. Some variants include cappicola or salami; others use mortadella sausage and fontina cheese. Serve hoagies cold or toast them to melt the cheese.
    • For a Southwestern twist on the sub, fill with slices of Santa Fe turkey breast, cracked black pepper turkey, cheddar, and Pepper Jack cheeses.
    • Layer Market District® Black Forest Ham, Italian roast of pork, and Havarti or cheddar cheese for a new spin on the ham-and-cheese sandwich.