Eagle's Nest® Child Care

Why juggle the kids and the grocery cart? Let your children play at the Eagle’s Nest while you shop at Giant Eagle.

You'll find Eagle's Nest children's activity centers at most Giant Eagle locations. While you shop, your kids can play with enriching and educational toys, books, movies, video games and more — all under the watchful eye of qualified child care professionals. 

  • Eagle's Nest is a FREE service available for Giant Eagle customers' children, of ages three through nine.
  • The caregiver who signs the child(ren) in must remain in the store and return to the Eagle's Nest if paged by staff. Children may stay for up to two hours.
  • To ensure your child's safety, a photo ID is required upon sign-in. The same caregiver who drops off the child(ren) must pick up the  child(ren) to leave the store or to use the restroom.