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At Giant Eagle®, you'll find top-quality 100% fresh cuts of beef graded USDA Choice and higher.
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Our beef is 100% free of added ingredients, hand-selected, cut fresh daily and perfectly packaged for optimum quality and superior flavor. Need a special cut? We cut to order — free of charge!

Prime and Choice

Beef is graded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) beef grading system. This system ranks beef according to specific characteristics, including the degree of marbling in the meat and the estimated age of the beef. The more marbling, the higher the grade...and the more tender, juicy and flavorful the cut of beef. The top two grades you'll see in Giant Eagle are Prime and Choice. The labels reflect the degree of marbling (the ratio of fat to lean meat), color and maturity.

  • Prime grade beef has the most marbling and is the most tender and juicy cut of beef. Prime beef cuts broil, roast and grill very well.
  • Choice grade is less marbled than Prime but still high quality. The most tender, juicy and flavorful Choice cuts are from the loin and rib; and they broil, roast and grill well. Choice cuts from the rump, round and chuck are less tender but good broiled, roasted and grilled if not overcooked. Less-tender Choice cuts are best braised or slow-cooked.

Nature's Basket® Beef

Mouthwatering and delicious, premium-quality Natural Angus beef exceeds the USDA criteria for natural meats. Choose from a beautiful selection of cuts including filet mignon, Delmonico steak, top sirloin, eye of round, chuck, rib roasts, London broil, ground beef and more. We also carry 100% natural quarter-pound frozen beef burgers that are great on the grill. And because of our commitment to quality, you can be assured all of our natural beef:

  • Has no added hormones.
  • Has no antibiotics.
  • Is fed 100% grass and grain diet.
  • Has no artificial ingredients.
  • Is minimally processed.
  • Is source-verified — Angus cattle are traceable to place of birth.

Ground Rules for Ground Beef

  • Select ground beef that's bright, cherry-red, firm to the touch and has no excessive liquid visible.
  • Read the label. It will tell you the cut from which it was ground (chuck, round or sirloin) and its lean-to-fat ratio in percentages.
  • Make sure the package is cold with no tears or holes and has a current "purchase-by" date.
  • Lean-to-Fat Ratio: The leaner the meat, the less moisture and fat the meat contains, so it's denser (more actual meat) and often more expensive. For instance, an 80/20 ratio means 80% lean and 20% fat. If a package is labeled "ground beef," it must be no more than 30% fat and at least 70% lean.

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