About Our Chicken

Chicken is low in fat, high in protein and very versatile — which is probably why it’s on the table more often than most meats! Fresh, delicious and conveniently packaged, Giant Eagle® chicken makes any meal perfectly delightful!
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Giant Eagle Chicken

  • 100% U.S.-grown.
  • Fed an all-natural diet of hexane-free soybean meal and corn, supplemented with vitamins and minerals.
  • Individually hand-graded for excellence.
  • Delivered fresh.
  • Air-chilled for a cleaner, better taste.

We cut, trim and package our chicken so that it's convenient for you to select and prepare any chicken dish the way you like. Choose chicken breasts (bone-in, boneless, skin-on or skinless); legs; thighs; wings; mixed-parts packs, whole broiler and fryer chickens. All of our chicken is always guaranteed fresh, tender and juicy.

Nature’s Basket® Chicken

Nature’s Basket chicken contains no genetically modified ingredients and is free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. It also goes through strict quality testing with consumers just like you to ensure it has the great taste you expect from Giant Eagle. Guaranteed 100% natural, Nature’s Basket chicken:

  • Is humanely raised under low-stress conditions — endorsed by the American Humane Association.
  • Is fed a 100% vegetarian diet — no animal by-products in feed.
  • Has no added hormones or growth stimulants.
  • Has no antibiotics or chemical medicines.

How Much to Buy

  • Boneless Chicken Breasts: For each person, count on having 4-5 oz. of cooked chicken, and allow an extra ounce for shrinkage. For each person, you should buy 5-6 oz. or 20-24 oz. for four people.
  • Bone-in Chicken: Buy about 8 oz. per person, which should yield 4-5 oz. of meat per serving. For four people, purchase about 32 oz. of chicken.




Bone-in with Skin

1 lb.

2-3, or 1 cup cooked

Boneless and Skinless

1 lb.

4, or 3 cups cooked

Cornish Hens

1-2 lb.

Up to 2


2 ½ - 4 lb.



4-7 lb.



5-9 lb.



1 lb.



1 lb.


Whole, Cooked


1 cup cooked chicken per pound

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Source: National Chicken Council