About Our Lamb

Lamb is surprisingly versatile and an elegant addition to your holiday (or any day) table. Giant Eagle® lamb is raised on regional farms, so it’s as fresh as it can be — and it’s the same lamb served in our area’s finest restaurants!
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Very tender and with an almost buttery flavor, lamb is surprisingly versatile and rich in health-boosting Omega-3’s, protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins. Look for a soft pink-to-red color with white marbling.

Thomas Farms Lamb

Thomas Farms lamb is all natural, that has no antibiotics and is raised without the use of added hormones. Our lambs roam free on native Australian pastures and humanely raised in accordance with our Joint Certification Responsibility (JCR) and Livestock Sourcing Procedure standards. At Thomas Farms, our sole aim from day one, has been to provide customers with the finest meat products that Australia and the world has to offer. We, handpick only the very best farms and ranchers that deliver sustainable red meat products. We have a long history of producing high quality lamb for our customers and take pride in the meticulous standards that we have set to deliver safe and fully traceable lamb products year round.

Available Cuts

  • Leg of lamb is perfect for roasting, and comes in bone-in or boneless varieties.
  • Shoulder cuts are less expensive and are available in a variety of cuts, for roasts, chops, stew meat — and more.
  • Loin cuts are ideal for thick chops, medallions and boneless roasts.
  • Patties, cubes and strips are derived from larger cuts of lamb and are suitable in a variety of recipes.

How Much to Buy



Boneless Leg of Lamb

1/2 lb.

Center-Cut Loin Roast

1/2 lb.

Double Ribbed Lamb Chops

1 chop

Ground Lamb, Stew Meat

1/4 lb.

Lamb Rib Crown Roast

3 to 4 ribs

Leg of Lamb

3/4 lb. to 1 lb.

Rack of Lamb

3 to 4 ribs

Shank, Spare Ribs, Brisket

1 lb.

Shoulder Roast

1/2 lb.

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Source: American Lamb Board