Port Authority ConnectCard

You’ll save money each time you use your Port Authority ConnectCard.

Pay your fares using a ConnectCard instead of cash and save 25¢ each time you ride.
ConnectCard is a plastic smart card with a computer chip inside that can store a variety of
Port Authority passes.

ConnectCard also provides riders with a number of benefits such as:

  • Convenience
    ConnectCard can be easily reloaded at any participating Giant Eagle location throughout Allegheny County, as well as, at Port Authority’s Downtown Service Center and dozens of ConnectCard machines along the T and busways.
  • More Options
    With ConnectCard, you have more options when it comes to adding value to your card. Sure, you can still purchase a monthly or weekly pass, but now you can also add stored (cash) value. Add as little as one ride or as much as $200 to your ConnectCard for the times when your schedule isn’t so routine or for the times when you’re a little short. The stored (cash) value will be deducted from your ConnectCard only when you ride and does not expire like passes do.
  • Security
    If you’ve ever lost your pass or had it stolen, you know what a burden it can be on your monthly budget to purchase a replacement pass. With ConnectCard, you can safeguard against this ever happening again. Simply sign up for Balance Protection by calling 412.442.2000. Once your card is registered, Port Authority can deactivate your original card and issue you a brand new ConnectCard with your remaining balance on it.