Cooking with Fresh Vegetables

Many fresh vegetables are naturally low in calories and fat, and contain nutrients that promote health. Dietitians recommend eating at least 2-3 cups of vegetables each day, and filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables at each meal.
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Crisp and crunchy, fresh vegetables make wonderful sides, salads and entrées.

Crisp and crunchy – and always in season at the Giant Eagle® Produce Department – fresh vegetables make wonderful sides, salads and entrées.

Buying, handling and storing fresh vegetables

  • Buy only vegetables without breaks in the skin.
  • Rinse vegetables under cold, running water.
  • Never bleach produce or wash it with detergent — these cleaning products are not safe to eat. If you want to wash produce more thoroughly, use a specially designated produce-washing solution.
  • If your vegetables have firm skins, use a soft brush to gently remove dirt.
  • Dry your produce and refrigerate it after washing.
  • Before cutting produce, wash and sanitize surfaces and utensils. Afterwards, wash and sanitize those items again.
  • For maximum nutritional value, steam, grill, roast, microwave or stir-fry vegetables.

Easy tips for adding more veggies to your diet

  • Make a snappy snack of low-fat dip with Giant Eagle vegetables.
  • Substitute a salad for a main dish at lunch or dinner.
  • Add mixed greens, tomatoes, or pepper slices to wrap sandwiches.
  • Add chopped peppers, onions, and mushrooms to omelets or scrambled eggs.
  • Add chopped vegetables or shredded cabbage to soup.
  • Complement pasta dishes with fresh or lightly cooked vegetables.

Veggie starters and sides

Salads fit for a meal

  • Break out your tongs and briquettes to whip up this Grilled Smoky Eggplant Salad. Manchego cheese and smoked paprika complement the eggplant and baby salad greens perfectly.
  • Juicy shrimp, crispy bacon, nutritious barley, and creamy avocados come together in this Bacony Barley Salad with Marinated Shrimp..
  • Looking for a quick salad? Stop by the Giant Eagle Salad Bar for a wide selection of fresh, crisp greens and goodies.

Very veggie main courses