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Fresh from Giant Eagle® | Leckwart Farm

Fresh, local produce delivered from Leckwart Farm to local Giant Eagle stores.

  • Corn
  • Eggplant
  • Peppers
  • Cucumbers
  • Green Beans
  • Yellow Squash
About the Farm

The Leckwart Farm has been a fixture in the New Castle community for over 65 years. A true family affair, being part of the Leckwart family means learning the ins-and-outs of farming from a young age. The farm has been passed from generation to generation since 1948 and with that lineage comes a pride that’s inherent in the family’s work ethic. Even with 120 acres to plant, tend and harvest, the family insists on maintaining the high standards on which the farm was founded. From their spicy jalapeños to sweet corn and pumpkins, each crop is personally inspected for quality and all produce is hand-picked.

Farm Fresh Tip

To remove the flesh from a jalapeño without the ribs and seeds: Cut off the bottom tip of the jalapeño. Stand the jalapeño upright on a cutting board. Start with your knife at the top next to the stem. Cut downward removing the flesh while leaving the ribs and seeds attached to the stem.

  • Firm to touch
  • Tight skin
  • Bright green color

Tip: Jalapeños turn from green to red as they continue to ripen on the plant. These are still good to eat! The flesh may be a bit sweeter, but they retain their heat.