Are You Experiencing the Unexpected Leak?

Have you ever experienced the unexpected leak? One in three women will at some point in their lifetime. After all, the unexpected leak isn't an age thing; it's a stage thing. If you, or someone you're caring for, experience the unexpected leak, here's some helpful information you need to know.
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With exercise, diet and the right protection, the unexpected leak doesn't have to get in your way.

Causes of the unexpected leak:

  • A common reason you may experience the unexpected leak is weakened pelvic floor muscles. Stress, recent surgery, pregnancy, medications, weight gain, and even everyday activities like exercise, coughing and laughing, can all be causes.


What you can do

  • Start by talking to your doctor.
  • Practice Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Monitor your diet. Avoid eating tomato-based or spicy foods, citrus fruit and chocolate. You can also limit leaks by spreading out your liquid intake throughout the day instead of drinking a lot at one time. Liquids such as water, apple, grape and cranberry juice are healthier choices.

Discover TENA Technology™:

  • The most important step in managing the unexpected leak is finding the right personal care product for you. The TENA® proven personal care system offers a complete range of liners, pads and underwear for women, and guards and underwear for men.
  • Avoid using period pads for the unexpected leak. Unlike ordinary maxi pads, the TENA personal care system is specially designed to absorb a lighter liquid like the unexpected leak. Your period and the unexpected leak require two different absorption techniques and two different odor-fighting properties.
  • The TENA proven personal care system is so absorbent not a drop escapes. Discover the fearless protection of TENA Technology.

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