Staff Picks: Body Wash

Giant Eagle® team members sampled six brands of popular body washes available at your neighborhood Giant Eagle. Here’s a peek at their unbiased reviews and picks. Try these great products and judge for yourself!
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Nivea for Men® Energy Hair & Body Wash –Staff Pick!

“This hair and body wash lathers up and cleans better than any soap or shower gel I've used. Leaves my skin feeling cool, soft and moisturized. The fragrance is very refreshing without being too potent.”

– Nick L.

“Lathered quickly, strong pleasing smell, could feel the Mint Extract which provided a "cool" menthol, refreshing feeling, smooth lather, long-lasting scent. This was easily my favorite.”

– Jody N.

“Amazing product! It does what it claims. Very nice mint smell – a subtle, masculine scent that invigorates the senses. Truly makes me feel more energetic. It offers effective cleansing with the added benefit of leaving your skin feeling nourished and moisturized. Perfect for a guy who wants it simple – bath and body wash – all in one bottle. My 4-year-old son and I enjoyed this after the pool everyday!”

– Gaurang M.

Olay® Ultra Moisture Body Wash –Staff Pick!

“As soon as this comes out of the bottle, you know it is going to be rich and creamy. It does not disappoint. This product develops a rich, creamy lather and the smell is equally as luxurious. I didn't even feel like I needed lotion after my shower, my skin felt so hydrated. I love this product! “

– Suzanne H.

“This body wash was exactly what I needed for my summer skin — it was ultra moisturizing! After a long day of swimming and sun, I came out of the shower feeling as though my skin was already moisturized. The scent wasn't too powerful either. It had more of a light spring fresh scent. I would recommend this for the dry summer months and dry cold winter weather to ensure healthy, beautiful skin.”

– Erica P.

“Sudsy with a fresh scent, the Olay Body Wash is a great product for the post-gym shower. It makes your skin feel completely clean, with no soapy residue.”

– Angela S.

Old Spice® High Endurance Pure Sport Body Wash

“The Old Spice produced a nice lather and had a clean, less in-your-face, fragrance. Overall, this is a balanced body wash; not too flashy in look or fragrance and clean and mildly scented.”

– Rug P.

“After getting filthy from painting my house all day, I was very glad to have this soap available — it was like a power wash.”

– Shawn P.

Dove® Deep Moisture

“I've always thought of Dove as having a reputation for being a great moisturizer. This product definitely didn't disappoint! The scent was great with a clean Dove smell, and it lathered well leaving my skin soft and moisturized.”

– Jenn A.

“I love this product! It smells great, produces a great lather and is very moisturizing! I use bar soap religiously but have converted to using body wash because it is so moisturizing and eliminates the need to use lotion post shower! I recommend this product to everyone who hates applying moisturizer after your shower. It's a time saver and efficient.”

– Rebecca P

Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

“I like the natural ingredients of oatmeal, grain and seed oils. My skin felt very soft and smooth immediately with the Aveeno body wash! The soft and smooth feeling lasted through the day. I liked the scent because it's somewhat "natural"–and the scent didn't remain strong and linger all day. “

– Amy S.

“The Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash left my skin feeling soft and moisturized, and it pairs well with the Aveeno moisturizer that I use every day. This is a great product for the fall, when the air gets cooler and your skin gets drier.”

– Angela S.

Axe® Revitalizing Shower Gel in Phoenix

“I loved the color of the product –a deep cobalt blue. It produced a great deal of lather and large bubbles during use. Product had a nice consistency –not to viscous or too clumpy.”

– Matt L.