A Guy's Guide to Shaving

Although some women like three days worth of stubble on a guy, unless he’s growing a beard, it’s eventually time to shave those whiskers.
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Step 1: Shower Then Shave

If your guy always shaves before his shower, it's time to retrain his regimen. The best time to shave is after you shower. The warm water allows pores to open and softens facial hair before shaving.

Step 2: Prep Your Skin

Always apply a shaving cream or shave gel to prepare your skin. Shaving on dry skin can cause knicks, cuts, or razor burn—a rash-like irritation.

Using a shaving brush (natural bristles are best) instead of your hands is the best way to apply or shaving cream. A shaving brush will help your whiskers stand up and will result in a closer shave. Using your hand will actually push the hair down, resulting in something less than a close shave.

Step 3: Go With The Grain

As you shave, make sure you go with the grain, not against it. This will help prevent razor burn from forming.