Benefits of Multivitamin Use

Multivitamins are commonly used to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiency, and a new study finds evidence that they may also help lower cancer risk in men.
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The Physicians’ Health Study (PHS) II is a large-scale trial testing the effects of long-term use of a multivitamin on the risk of cancer and major cardiovascular events. The PHS, which ran from 1997 through June 1, 2011 involved 14,641 male US physicians initially aged 50 years or older who either took a multi-vitamin, Centrum Silver, or a placebo. Initial results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in October and November of this year.

Findings show that participants who took a multivitamin for an average of 11 years had an 8 percent lower risk of getting cancer, compared with those randomly chosen to get placebos. The study’s authors concluded that daily multivitamin supplementation modestly but significantly reduced the risk of total cancer among the population of US male physicians they studied. However, the study did not find that multivitamins reduce risk of major cardiovascular events, such as stroke or cardio vascular disease. Findings on the potential effect multivitamins in prevention of aging-related eye disease and early cognitive decline will be published in an upcoming edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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