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b•vibrant rejuvenating day lotion — "This moisturizer was very easy to apply and took very little time to absorb. It felt refreshing and light, worked well with my make-up and did not have that oily sensation most moisturizers have. I enjoyed how light and refreshing it was and kept my skin feeling smooth. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a great product that also has an SPF for everyday wear." — Erika G.

b•awakened rejuvenating eye cream — "I have very sensitive skin around my eyes and the b•lēve™ rejuvenating eye cream was gentle and super moisturizing without causing any irritation like other eye creams I have tried. It also lasted through the night. The skin around my eyes still felt moisturized and looked brighter in the morning!" — Loren P.

b•tranquil body wash — "A new reason to b•lēve™ The b*tranquil body wash is great. The soft spa-like scent will lure you in, but it's the rich lather and moisturizing beads that will keep you using this product. It gently, yet thoroughly cleanses your body without drying your skin like other body washes." — Emery L.

b•tranquil body lotion — "I really liked the pump on the bottle on the lotion, it absorbed quickly when I applied it after showers and while I was at the beach on vacation. I was impressed by the performance since the consistency was thin compared to other brands I use." — Kathy C.

b•passionate body lotion — "I absolutely love the b•passionate body lotion! The formula is very moisturizing, not greasy, and it leaves a subtle floral scent on the skin. It’s perfect for moisturizing particularly dry/rough areas, like elbows and knees. Another perk is that the pump can be opened and closed, so the lotion won’t pump out when you don’t want it to — which is great for traveling!" — Kira P.