A Month of Tips for a Healthier You!

Pick a month—any month. Then follow these tips from Giant Eagle® and be healthier in 30 days!
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We need six to nine hours each night, but sleeping more than nine hours isn’t advisable.
  1. Start the day right with a 30-minute walk. Try to walk at least three times a week.
  2. Plan and serve healthy breakfasts every day. Think fruits or vegetables, whole grains, and some calcium with protein.
  3. Start planning today to get the sleep you need every night. A recent study indicates that we need six to nine hours each night, but sleeping more than nine hours isn’t advisable. 
  4. Looking for Vitamin C in the real form? Browse the in the Giant Eagle produce aisle for oranges, grapefruit and more.
  5. Want a quick breakfast idea that includes key nutrients? Try layering plain low fat yogurt with fruit and granola for a yogurt parfait.
  6. Like to skate or sled ride? These are great ways to burn calories. Calculate your personal calories now.
  7. Eat oatmeal for whole-grain nutrition and warming power.  Top with fresh, dried or canned fruit or nuts.
  8. Go for some stress-reducing activities today. Listen to some quiet music, pet your pet, do some yoga, and nibble on health-smart snacks.
  9. Make lunches that make a difference. Homemade soup or chili with whole-grain bread or crackers hit the spot on a cold day.
  10. Make this the week to add a new fruit or vegetable to the family menu at least twice. Anyone for a papaya or mango? How about parsnips or edamame?
  11. Try cabbage! It’s great in soup, shredded in salads (use red for color), or as a steamed or sautéed side.
  12. Go for color in fruits and vegetables. The pigment in fruits and vegetables signal its nutritional value. For more information, visit www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org.
  13. Jump rope to give the kids (and fit adults) an opportunity to exercise indoors. Put on some jumpin’ music and enjoy.
  14. Top salad greens with freshly grilled or broiled chicken or fish, or serve a slimmed-down taco salad with baked chips.
  15. Plan ahead for future meals – turkey chili, crockpot roast (for a meal one day and a barbeque sandwich the next), and home-made soup.
  16. Treat yourself to a stress-reducing bubble bath or soak. Check out our beauty and personal care aisle to make it a delightful experience. Anyone for a scented candle and a book?
  17. Take stock of your pantry and refrigerator. Ditch outdated items and pick up fresh replacements at your Giant Eagle store. While you’re at it, check the dates on your bathroom products!
  18. Think about what you drink and look for nutrition. We all need calcium and Vitamin D, especially the kids. For help, visit http://www.choosemyplate.gov.
  19. Take a walk in the evening. Walking is still one of the best forms of exercise, and it can be done inside!
  20. Check out the pantry for supplies that make eating health-smart easier. A vegetable or olive oil spray, balsamic vinegar (for great flavor), spices and herbs are good starts.
  21. Add some flavor to fish with a sprinkle of lemon or lime juice, hot sauce, or even vinegar!
  22. Make today a family “get moving” day! A trip to the science center, a day on the slopes or rink, or even a day at the mall that involves brisk walking fits the theme!
  23. Put a health-smart brunch on your table. An oatmeal buffet, whole-grain bread French toast, lean ham or turkey bacon, fruit, and yogurt are all healthy choices.
  24. Want an easy meal? Start with a rotisserie chicken (or two) from Giant Eagle tonight and make it into a chicken Caesar salad, Southwest quesadillas or hot sandwich tomorrow.
  25. Save money by packing lunches. Include a thermos to keep soup hot, reusable containers for salads and sandwiches, and a cold pack to keep food cold.
  26. Make it a hot-chocolate night. Start with skim or low-fat milk, your favorite chocolate, marshmallows, and whipped toppings. Add a dash of instant coffee for mocha lovers.
  27. Popcorn is a great snack. Use lower-calorie microwave packs or dried corn kernels in an air popper. Try grated Parmesan cheese (made from part-skim milk) for flavor.
  28. Try dancing. You don’t need a partner -- just put on the music and move!
  29. Keep a variety of whole-grain cereals on hand for breakfasts and snacks.
  30. Want a new way with vegetables? Try roasted cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, carrots, onions, squash … all easy to prepare with great flavor.
  31. Take time to make some goals for next month using a calendar. More fruits and veggies, less fat, try a new food, exercise more…your choice but pick at least one to focus on.

Looking for more ideas or recipes? Visit your local Giant Eagle registered dietitian or contact nutrition@gianteagle.com.

Brought to you by the Registered Dietitians at Giant Eagle and Market District® 

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