Healthy Eating for Busy Families

It can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits on the go; one fast food meal may contain enough fat and salt for an entire day or more! But with a little planning and a well-stocked kitchen, you can easily assemble quick, tasty meals and snacks that meet the MyPlate® guidelines.
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Fill half of your plate with fruits and veggies, one quarter each with lean protein and grains.
  • Share the responsibility among all family members, even school-aged children, in planning, prep and cooking; review the Giant Eagle ads for meal and snack ideas that meet your nutrition goals
  • Re-arrange your kitchen and pantry to keep ingredients and supplies (like the blender or smoothie maker) within easy reach; add some insulated travel cups, plastic spoons and hand wipes
  • Fill your pantry with healthy non-perishables like canned tuna or salmon that can become a light snack, easily-packed lunch or the basis for a quick, hearty meal

To follow the USDA’s recommendations, fill half of your plate with fruits and veggies, one quarter each with lean protein and grains (aim for at least half as whole grains) and add a side of low fat dairy. Make it easy for busy family members to eat a balanced diet with these snack ideas from the Giant Eagle® dietitians:

  • Fruits and vegetables – stock up on frozen produce to add nutrition, color and variety to a meal with little preparation; keep a bowl of washed fruit and cut raw veggies for grab-and-go snacks
  • Reduced-fat dairy – low-fat cheese sticks, yogurt and smoothies provide protein, calcium; pair with whole-grain crackers, pita and pretzels
  • Lean protein - Peanut or soy butter provide lasting calories; spread on whole wheat English muffins or bread; try peanut butter on a whole-grain tortilla with a banana – just roll, go and enjoy!

Brought to you by the Registered Dietitians at Giant Eagle and Market District®