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Nature’s Basket® Meat



Natural Meat: Why It Matters

At Giant Eagle®, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality, best-tasting foods available. That’s why we carry Giant Eagle Nature’s Basket® — to meet your growing appetite for the finest in high quality, affordable natural products.

Our all natural meat from Nature’s Basket is carefully bred and fed only a 100% grass, grain or vegetable diet. Given the time and attention necessary to develop and mature naturally, without added growth hormones or antibiotics — it’s meat as nature intended.


We stand by our Nature’s Basket Promise:

  • No Antibiotics — Ever
  • No Added Hormones or Growth Stimulants*
  • 100% Vegetarian Diet
  • Double Your Money Back Guarantee


Take a look at what we have to offer in our Meat Department!


All Natural, Antibiotic Free Chicken
Taste the Difference

Just like you, we have high standards. That includes caring about what goes into our chicken and how they are raised. Nature’s Basket chicken is certified by the American Humane Association and raised under humane growing practices.

Nature’s Basket chicken will make any meal you prepare both easy and delicious. Whether you need whole chickens to roast, thin sliced breasts for your scaloppini or even tenders for your stir fry, you’ll find it in our Nature’s Basket brand.

Find our Nature’s Basket chicken in our full service case. We also offer frozen chicken breasts and chicken tenders. Ask our meat team members how they can assist you with serving suggestions, cooking tips and recipes.

Nature’s Basket All Natural or Organic, Antibiotic Free Angus Beef
Committed to Quality

Choose from a mouthwatering and delicious selection of steaks, ground beef and more. We also carry 100% natural quarter pound frozen beef burgers that are great on the grill.

Nature’s Basket All Natural, Antibiotic Free Bacon
Turn Up the Flavor

Take your breakfast to the next level, stack up your best BLT sandwich, or top your favorite entree with our all natural, hardwood-smoked, uncured pork and turkey bacon. It’s bacon that tastes great without any nitrates.

Nature’s Basket All Natural, Antibiotic Free Pork
Farm Fresh for You

This is no ordinary pork. This is moist, delicious, premium-quality, fresh pork — born raised and harvested with extra care in the USA — a difference you can see and taste. Pulled pork, glazed pork chops, or roast pork — the meal options are endless.

Nature’s Basket All Natural, Antibiotic Free Turkey
Purely Delicious

Think turkey throughout the year. Whether you’re making your famous roast turkey or grilling your favorite turkey burger, we have just what you need. Fresh turkey breast, turkey patties and ground turkey are just a few of the selections to choose from.