Eating Healthy on a Budget

Tightening your financial belt can improve your waistline, too! Giant Eagle® shows you how to do it.
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With a little organization, creativity and work, you can learn to plan meals and cook smart to maximize your food dollars and nutritional value.

  • Choose your food priorities. Reduce or eliminate your splurges on junk food and prepared snacks. Instead, buy fruits, vegetables, organically grown foods, whole grains and lean proteins, especially when they are in season.
  • Eat at home. Save money by grilling a piece of meat, chicken or fish with seasonal vegetables from our local farmers. Best of all, you control the fat and sodium content.
  • Buy staples in bulk and on sale. On a per unit basis, bulk is almost always cheaper. Freeze perishable items such as meat, milk and even bread in smaller portions to use as needed. Stock up on non-perishable like canned foods, dried beans and grains when the price is right.
  • Use your slow cooker. Buy less expensive cuts of meat and slow cook for delicious tender dinners. Add vegetables and beans for extra nutrition. One-pot meals mean great leftovers and save time, money and dishwashing.
  • Choose value meals. Soups and pastas can’t be beat for nutrition and convenience. Add seasonal fresh or canned vegetables and leftover meats for added protein. Experiment with your own blend of herbs and spices for extra zest.
  • Pick one day a month for cooking. Schedule a day to prepare several big meals that can be divided and frozen for days when you’re in a hurry. Invite friends and family to combine cooking talents, fun and savings!
  • Think vegetarian. Beans, lentils and brown rice make inexpensive main courses. Add fresh fruits and vegetables for a complete, nutritious and affordable meal.
  • Invest in spices and condiments. Use basics herbs, olive oil, flavored vinegar and grated cheeses to add unique, interesting flavors to your meals.

Looking for Healthy Meal Ideas?
Search the Giant Eagle recipe library for recipe ideas based on your family favorites, special ingredients, dietary requirements and more! Use our online Menu Planner and Shopping List to save time on your shopping trips.

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