Healthy Meals in Minutes — For Less

Why strain your budget on fast food when you can prepare a quick, healthy meal for less?
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Substitute lower-cost options, like Giant Eagle brands, for more expensive ingredients to maximize your savings.

Giant Eagle® has quick and tasty meals that can fit into any busy schedule. Even better, these recipes rely on supermarket staples found at your local Giant Eagle store. Follow these handy tips you'll be eating well in no time — for less!

Buy in Bulk

When it comes to grocery shopping, bigger is frequently better. If you're shopping for pantry or freezer staples — such as oatmeal, pasta, rice, canned goods and frozen veggies — select the largest size available. As package size increases, the cost per unit decreases. Your super-saving bonus? Staples seldom spoil — so stock up.

Look for Savings

Smart shoppers know that lower-cost meals begin with deals on recipe ingredients. Plan your meals around Giant Eagle weekly sale items and manufacturer savings. Be sure to use your Giant Eagle Advantage Card and coupons for extra savings at the register.

Be Substitute Savvy

When shopping for recipes, always check the ingredient list first. Substitute lower-cost options, like Giant Eagle brands, for more expensive ingredients to maximize your savings. For example, Giant Eagle cheese can be substituted for processed cheese or cheese singles in entrees for significant savings per portion size. Or, in dessert recipes use Valu Time® instant pudding instead of the pre-made varieties and save money on each serving.

Check Prep Times on Recipes

When you're making meals on the run, preparation and cooking times count. Check the total time required and choose recipes that are ready in 30 minutes or less for busy weeknights. Save even more time when you select dishes featuring foods that don't require much cooking or prep-work — such as fresh lettuce, cheese, frozen peas or shredded rotisserie chicken.

Follow Our Lead

Looking for a quick, low-cost meal idea? Try Chicken & Corn Quesadillas, and save. It requires just a few inexpensive ingredients (or substitutions) and is ready in about 20 minutes. Use shredded rotisserie chicken and substitute one cup of Giant Eagle shredded cheese for national-brand cheese for more savings.

More Meal Ideas

Browse the Giant Eagle recipe library for thousands of mouth-watering recipes. Use our online Menu Planner and Shopping List to save time on your shopping trips.