Save Money on Travel

A vacation is a wonderful way to relax — and it doesn’t have to break the bank. When planning your next getaway, follow these Giant Eagle® tips to leave your budget worries behind.
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Plan Ahead for the Best Deal

Airfare, resort and hotel prices stay relatively stable, but they do vary from season to season. Lowest-priced tickets are sold first. Pricing is determined by demand and capacity, so plan early and save.

  • Become a price expert. Go online and research current airfare rates at least six months ahead; prepare to act quickly if a deal pops up.
  • Minimize time-wasters. Consider your itinerary when scheduling your flight. Book a direct flight and try to schedule to avoid rush hour traffic at your destination.

 Lighten the Load

  • Pack light. If possible, bring only carry-on bags to avoid checked luggage fees. (Be sure to review your airline’s latest guidelines before you leave.) Consider buying disposable items at your destination.
  • Consider available amenities. Airports enforce strict size limits on gels and liquids, so call your hotel in advance and ask about sample-size toiletry items and laundry facilities.
  • Plan for presents. Consider asking your relatives to have gifts shipped directly to your home.

 Travel on a Dime

  • Make your own memories. Avoid the crowds and costs of typical tourist destinations.
  • Stay near your area of interest to dramatically cut transportation costs.
  • Bunk with friends or relatives. Remember to buy nice gifts to thank your hosts.
  • Pack your own snacks before you fly. Stop at Giant Eagle to pick up healthy snacks for your flight.
  • Eat in. Take advantage of rental properties and hotels with kitchen facilities.