Save with a Brown Bag Lunch!

We all know that the cost of buying lunches, beverages and vending machine snacks at work quickly adds up. With help from Giant Eagle®, you can prepare nutritious and low-cost lunches at home and save money to treat yourself.
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If you eat out daily at work, you may spend up to $2,880 or more annually!

Calculate the Cost

Have you ever totaled how much you spend each day on your drinks, snacks and lunch at work? Most people spend an average of $8-12 a day, or $160-240 per month. That means if you eat out daily at work, you may spend up to $2,880 or more annually!

Think Beyond Sandwiches and Save

Brown bagging doesn't mean settling for a soggy sandwich. With a touch of creativity, packing your own lunch can turn your midday meal into a culinary pleasure — with substantial savings.

  • Bake your lunch the night-before.  Baked dishes and casseroles can be mixed together quickly and — unlike stove top dishes — don't require your dedicated attention. Try this easy-to-make, flavorful and vegetarian recipe for Baked Curried Brown Rice & Lentil Pilaf for a healthy lunch.
  • Think big to save big. Some dishes are easy to make in large batches, so you can refrigerate and freeze leftovers for future lunches. Take advantage of slow cooker dishes or winter stews. Pack a drink, a small treat and a piece of fruit for home-cooked lunch that costs less.
  • Look for “easy” recipes. Simple-to-make options like Tuna Salad Wrap or Farmers’ Market Fried Rice take just minutes to prepare, and make lunchtime an event to anticipate.

For more low-cost healthy lunchtime meal ideas, browse the Giant Eagle recipe library.

Finding Time

On busy weeknights, preparing meals for tomorrow's meal doesn't need to be a time challenge. Plan ahead, add prepared foods to your lunchtime mix, and brown-bagging can be a breeze!

  • Giant Eagle Deli sandwiches are affordable, fresh and satisfying and offer with a broad choice of premium lunch meats and deli cheeses, plus salad and sides selections too. Whether you're stopping in at lunchtime or making a sandwich the night before, Giant Eagle makes it easy to satisfy your cravings for a fast, tasty midday meal.
  • Buy or make drinks and snacks in advance. Keep beverages and snacks at your desk or workstation to avoid overpriced convenience stores, coffee shops or vending machines. Healthy snacks round out a simple deli sandwich, making a light lunch feel more substantial.
  • If you forgot your brown bag at home, you don't have to settle for overpriced takeout. Giant Eagle offers a unique selection of prepared foods, all ready to eat when you are.