Save with Our Store Programs

Let Giant Eagle® show you ways to save time, fuel and money through our store programs — and with a little planning.
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To most people, savings mean money. At Giant Eagle, we go beyond just cutting dollars to help you save time, energy and the environment. 

Save on Food

  • Enlist your children for help. Have them help plan menus, and on your shopping trips ask them to check prices, look for coupons and find items on sale.

Save Fuel

  • Follow fuel-smart practices such as properly inflating tires, observing speed limits and using cruise control.
  • Combine errands into one trip when possible. Take advantage of our in-store services such as Giant Eagle Pharmacy®, Dress for Success® dry cleaning, photo services, banking and more.
  • Cook and eat at home more to reduce dining out, take-outs and home delivery. Economical prepared foods, like our rotisserie chicken and salad bar, make a nice, quick meal on nights when you shop.
  • Scan your Giant Eagle Advantage Card on every purchase to earn fuelperks!® for savings on your fuel purchases at GetGo®.

Save Time

  • Stock your pantry with basic foods that can “transform” yesterday's leftovers into an exciting new dish: frozen or canned vegetables and fruit, noodles, rice, pasta, soup, basic spices and herbs like cinnamon, basil, oregano and broth or stock (beef, chicken or vegetable).
  • Keep quick meals such as chili, soup, casseroles, shredded cooked chicken or other meats (for wraps, grilled sandwiches or barbecue sauce), meatballs and pasta sauce on hand.
  • Keep a supply of freezer bags and containers for freezing extra meals and leftovers. Freeze in microwave-safe containers for fast defrosting.
  • Planned leftovers are huge time savers! Tonight's ground beef makes a meatloaf or meatballs; tomorrow it's crumbled into chili, sloppy Joes or vegetable soup!
  • Use our online Menu Planner and Shopping List to save time on your shopping trips.

Save on Health and Beauty Needs and Medications

Quick Tips for More Savings

  • Serve our delicious rotisserie chicken in a variety of ways for fast meals: in barbecue sauce, hot chicken sandwiches with gravy, wraps, stir-fries, chili with beans, soups, on a salad or combined with rice or noodles for a casserole.
  • Mix water or broth with the last of the ketchup, shake and add to sauces and soups.
  • Freeze leftover cooked veggies or meat to add to a casserole, stir-fry or soup.
  • Freeze leftover gravy in ice cube trays and add to soups, sauces or stocks.


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