Looking for ways to save for college tuition? Giant Eagle® offers Upromise, a college-fund booster program that helps you save for college as you shop.
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Participation doesn't cost you a cent — enrollment turns your everyday purchases into college investments, including purchases at Giant Eagle and thousands of other participating retailers, servicesand restaurants.

Upromise gives you back part of the money you've spent to put toward college tuition — and it is automatically deposited in your account.

How Upromise Works:

  • Join Upromise for free at www.upromise.com or call 1.888.434.9111.
  • Buy select products and services from leading companies in the Upromise network.
  • Once purchased, the participating companies contribute a portion of what you spend into your Upromise account.
  • You can invite family and friends to join with you, so their spending can add to your savings.
  • Upromise tracks the contributions you receive, so there’s no need to save receipts.

For questions or information on participating companies and stores, please visit the Upromise site. Now, going shopping can help you pay for college.