Tena Pads, Ultra Thin Long, Heavy

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Tena Pads, Ultra Thin Long, Heavy
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32 pads

Proven protection. A proven system of fearless protection for the unexpected leak. Discover the proven personal care system designed to fit your lifestyle. It's made with Tena Technology. Our Tena Anywhere personal care pad is proven to absorb so completely, you can twist it and not even a drop escapes. The product you're holding is also part of a complete line created around your day-to-day life. Its soft, cottony feel is designed to fit anybody and any LifeStyle. So whether you're stuck in traffic or stuck at the office, you have the Fearless Protection of Tena Anywhere. Fresh & clean odor control. Anywhere, anytime. Good Housekeeping: Limited warranty for consumers. No latex. Made in USA.

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Like most articles of clothing, protective garments may burn if exposed to flame or other sources of ignition. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep plastic bags away from babies, children and pets.