Inverness Medical Test Strips, G, Blood Glucose

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Inverness Medical Test Strips, G, Blood Glucose
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50 test strips

For use with Glucometer Elite Meters (Glucometer Elite is a trademark of Bayer Corporation, Elkhart, IN). Accuracy. Precision. Clinically tested. Use Excel G Test Strips in your Glucometer Elite Meter. Clinically tested accuracy, precision and user satisfaction. Longer, touchable, and easy to handle strips - in simple to open vials. Only a tiny drop of blood needed. Strip can be comfortably filled from top or end. The strip wicks in the blood sample. The strip's visual check window confirms there's enough blood. Contents: 50 Test Strips; Code Strip; and Instruction leaflet. For in vitro diagnostic use.

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Reagent Composition: Each Test Strip Contains Approximately (0.3 IU) of Glucose Oxidase (Aspergillus Niger), (0.05 mg) of Potassium Ferricyanide, and (0.08 mg) of Other Ingredients.
Store in a cool, dry place, between 39 and 86 degrees F (4 to 30 degrees C). Do not refrigerate or freeze.