Chicken of the Sea Light Tuna in Oil 5 oz

Posted on March 08, 2013

Product Description UPC/PLU/NDC Sale by Date Lot #
CHICKEN OF THE SEA TUNA CHUNK LIGHT IN OIL 4800000195 1/15/2017 3015CB4CLH; 3015CB3CLH; 3015CB2CLH; 3015CB1CLH; 3015CBECLH; 3015CBDCLH; 3015CBCCLH; 3015CBBCLH; 3015CBACLH
Seam of can lids do not meet standards for seam quality.
Do not consume the product. It may be returned to Giant Eagle for a refund. Consumers with questions may call the Trans-Union Seafood Recall Information Line at 1-800-597-5898.

See the FDA website, for a full list of recalled products