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AAPI Featured Recipe: Steamed Salmon with Black Bean Sauce

Why We Celebrate

Asian and Pacific Islanders have made countless contributions to our country and communities. This May, we’re honoring Asian American, Pacific Islander and Desi history and traditions by celebrating their many achievements and their heritage.

As part of this celebration, we’re sharing recipes and showcasing products brought to us by entrepreneurs from Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Hawaiian, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Vietnamese cultures. Please join us in exploring their unique culinary and cultural gifts.

Make Filipino-style Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo is one of the most popular dishes in the Philippines because of its affordability and simplicity. “Adobo,” meaning “braised in vinegar,” is a method that preserves food in warm climates.

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Ways to Celebrate

Taking time to learn more about Asian American and Pacific Islander cultures is something we can all benefit from. It’s an especially enriching lesson in diversity and equality for kids. Here are a few ways you can make this month educational and celebrate culture aside from making delicious food.

Connect with Arts and Crafts — Use colorful flowers or construction paper to make leis, or practice writing in AAPI languages, such as with Chinese or Japanese calligraphy.

Trot Out the Globe — Show kids where the many countries we’re celebrating are located. It will help foster a deeper understanding of diversity.

Make Music — Learn about traditional instruments, listen to traditional music, and try to make your own!

Watch or Listen to Media — Explore AAPI culture and identities by researching video and written media by AAPI and affiliate producers. Start with the internet and the rest is history!

Volunteer or Attend Community Events —Volunteer your time or attend a local event that support AAPI initiatives.

Our AAPI Partners

Anar Gourmet Foods

Priya Osuri co-founded Anar Gourmet Foods with her husband, Glenn. They began their journey mixing spices for their favorite dishes. After much fine-tuning, they decided to share their recipes for others to enjoy.

Dang Thai Rice Chips

A brother duo Vincent & Andrew Kitirattragarn created Dang® snacks in honor of their Thai mother. The original Dang Coconut Chips toasts whole coconut slices to perfection, enhancing their naturally sweet flavor with sea salt.

Biena Chickpea Snacks

Poorvi Patodia had uncontrollable cravings while pregnant, so she created her own healthier snack inspired by one of her Indian culture’s staples: chickpeas. In 2012, she launched Biena Foods, offering up roasted, plant-based snacks in mouthwatering flavors.

Crispy Green

CEO Angela Liu founded Crispy Green after leaving a previous career and visiting her native China. While traveling, she saw a demonstration of freeze-drying foods, something not yet common in the U.S. She knew right away she’d found her business.

Chef Bobo Brand Crispy Rollers

Chef Bobo Brand makes innovative snacks and treats using the best ingredients. The magic that started with Crunchy Rice Rollers has grown into satisfying, trustworthy products and surprising flavors the entire family can enjoy.

Maya Kaimal Brand

Maya Kaimal is an award-winning cookbook author and founder of Maya Kaimal Foods. Raised in Boston by a South Indian father and a mother from New England, she grew up in a multicultural home filled with diverse foods.


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Sun Tropics

Sun Tropics is family-owned, offering deliciously crunchy and creamy snack experiences based off childhood faves. The Mochi Snack Bites are Asian rice crackers tossed in sea salt & the Coconut Milk Pudding is slowly simmered to comforting perfection.

Yishi Oatmeal Cups

Yishi founder Lin Jiang packed oatmeal with superfood ingredients and delicious flavors inspired by Asian desserts. Celebrate a daily morning moment with oatmeal cups that fill you with vitality, energy and focus.

Sanzo Sparkling Water

Founder Sandro Roco was inspired to create a beverage brand that bridged both modern and traditional cultures. Sanzo Sparkling Water is filled with authentic Asian flavors, without added sugar.

Shaka Tea

Shaka Tea brings you fresh, herbal tea brewed from māmaki leaves. Since 2016, Honolulu rasied Founder Bella Hughes and Shaka has honored Hawaiian lands by restoring ecosystems and habitats—providing local jobs & trade to farmers.

Bachan's Japanese BBQ Sauce

Justin Gill dreamed of bringing his family's sauce to market since he was a kid. After rave reviews, the non-GMO, organic Japanese Barbecue Sauce became a reality.

Star Anise Foods Noodle Bowls

Star Anise began after Karen Cheng and Thao Nguyen met while hiking in Hong Kong & created the brand from worlds apart. This women-owned brand offers gluten-free, non-GMO vermicelli rice noodles & products that innovate traditional Vietnamese dishes.

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Learn More

All About Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage

Our Asian American Business Resource Group is blogging all month long about history, culture, ways to get involved, and more. Check it out for more ways to celebrate.

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