Giant Eagle’s Business Resource Groups

Engaging our Team Members and our Communities

The Young Professionals, Women’s, GE PROUD, Abilities, Veterans, and African-American Business Resource Groups serve as strategic partners of Giant Eagle. Each of these outstanding groups do excellent work to engage our Team Members and communities with our Inclusion & Diversity mission and strategy.

Our Business Resource Groups help build an inclusive & diverse culture, which results in higher Team Member engagement, innovative thinking and better-informed business decisions.

While their tactics and individual goals differ, all six Business Resource Groups share a few key functions:

  • acquiring, developing and supporting diverse talent
  • influencing internal policies
  • influencing marketing and merchandising decisions related to consumer products and services
  • Team Member engagement and networking
  • community strengthening and service.

Abilities Business Resource Group 
African American Business Resource Group 
Women's Business Resource Group
GE Proud Business Resource Group 
Veterans Business Resource Group 
Young Professionals Business Resource Group 

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