All live plants sold in our Giant Eagle, Market District and GetGo stores will be free of neonicotinoid-containing pesticides by the end of 2021

As an organization committed to delivering fresh, high quality foods to customers for years to come, Giant Eagle recognizes the role that pollinators play in food production. With as much as one third of the world’s food crop production dependent upon pollinators, it is extremely important that businesses and communities alike take steps to protect the animals driving pollination, particularly the honey bee population. Giant Eagle recognizes that a variety of chemicals negatively impact pollinators, with the notable inclusion of the neonicotinoid family of pesticides. We are proud that the vast majority of our live plant suppliers are neonicotinoid free, with the select remaining suppliers actively working to eliminate the pesticide family from their growing processes. Through our collaborative efforts, we are extremely excited to realize a live plant offering free of neonicotinoids by the end of 2021.

Carrying Our Commitment Forward to Fruits and Vegetables

Giant Eagle is undertaking efforts to review growing procedures for all fruit and vegetable suppliers. The Company’s expectation is that all produce suppliers phase out the use of all non-essential chemicals, including neonicotinoids. Suppliers are instead encouraged to utilize ecofriendly methods of pest or disease control when treating these products.

Giant Eagle will work with all produce suppliers currently using pesticides containing neonicotinoids to establish a chemical elimination timeline. If Giant Eagle is not satisfied with the response from those suppliers, Giant Eagle will consider measures up to and including the discontinuance of the supplier’s affected products.

Understanding the Positive Impact of Organic Items

Giant Eagle recognizes the positive impact that the expansion of the Organic food industry has on limiting and eliminating the use of all manmade pesticides. The Company is committed to offering our customers certified Organic products at affordable prices in relevant product categories throughout our store and online, and continues to make the growth in the number and variety of Organic items in our family of Giant Eagle brands a priority.