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There’s no taste like home. Local small businesses are the backbone of our communities. They not only serve up handcrafted foods and beverages, inspirational stories, and smaller carbon footprints, but also support us all by providing jobs and adding vibrance to the places we call home.

Giant Eagle started as a small, family business. In every aisle of our stores, there’s a reminder that we are where we are because of the hard work of our entrepreneurial neighbors in cities like Pittsburgh, Erie, Cleveland, Columbus, Carmel, and countless small towns across our states.

Supporting small business is something we’re proud to do. The artisans behind these companies feed our foodie cravings with specialties you don’t have to go far to find. Their passion is the key ingredient in local food we’re happy to share alongside the stories of the neighborhood goods we carry.

Copia Farm

For Dan and Caitlin McLeod, owners of Copia Farm, sustainability is the status quo. Through regenerative farming, they not only produce local, pasture-raised eggs, but are building healthier soil, livestock and humans in the process!

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Great Lakes Growers

There’s plenty to dig about John Bonner and Tim Ryan’s herbicide and pesticide-free produce — except dirt! Their hydroponic system relies on a special growing media — rather than soil — that helps their plants get all the necessary nutrients via water. The result: crisp, clean lettuce and herbs.

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Pittsburgh Pickle Company

What makes Pittsburgh Pickle a Steel Town go-to? From their all-natural ingredients to their handcrafted crunch, the family-owned Pittsburgh Pickle Company has had a special place in the salty-sweet hearts of every Pittsburgher since 2015.

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Brunty Farms

As Jeff Brunty and his wife Melanie’s “birdbrained” idea grows, they stay focused on sustainability, partnering with other local businesses, and giving to the community. They know these things are just as important as the happy, healthy hens who lay all the delicious eggs.

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To put the idea behind Pope’s in the words of Clark Pope himself: “I make products that I serve to my family.” The best part is you can take any bottle of Pope’s product and find the entire locally sourced ingredient list in a Market District!

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Cherry Valley Organics

Jodi Danyo founded Cherry Valley with the intention of combining her love for the outdoors with healthy, environmentally sustainable living, creating Cherry Valley as a brand that thrives on the passion and drive of its growers, and the success of its products. Cherry Valley’s herbs are 100% organic, blended by the very hands that grew them. Simple as that.

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Solstice Coffee

Serving the finest sustainable coffee and tea to his customers is Joe Deinhart’s mission. His company’s use of Direct Trade coffee helps “bring the whole farming industry up a step,” which in turn brings a great cup of coffee to your table.

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Jubilee Hilltop Ranch

Raising premium grass-finished Black Angus Beef and pastured chickens is a family affair for the Salyards. Together with their son, daughter, and son-in-law, Cheryl and her husband Neal strive to take the best possible care of their customers, partners, employees, and the land.

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Apple Shamrock Dairy Farm

Family comes first for the Waddells. That includes the roughly 1,100 cows they tend to at their Townville dairy farm. See how using technology and TLC, general manager Josh Waddell and his wife, kids, brother, and parents do everything with the cows’ comfort in mind.

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La Prima Espresso

The Italian-style espresso locals have enjoyed from the Strip District mainstay’s shop can also be brewed in your kitchen. At La Prima’s Torrefazione in Manchester on Pittsburgh’s North Side, a small team of coffee lovers roast, bag, label, and ship everything by hand.

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Edward Marc Snappers Crafted Snacks

Four generations of chocolate-making expertise goes into every batch of chocolate and every pretzel-caramel cluster. The small shop Chris Edwards’ grandparents started over 100 years ago may have grown, but Chris and his siblings stayed true to the original roots — and recipes.

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From their small brewery in Harmony, the husband and wife team of Zach and Erika Shumaker create sustainable craft beers in inventive varieties. Look for popular releases — like their pixelated IPA series — in cans or on draught at a Giant Eagle or Market District near you.

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Riceton Dairy Farm

Dairy farming is a way of life for Gary Rice and his brother Jayme. The two of them — with a little help from their dad — do more than milk 150 cows, twice a day, 365 days a year on their Farmdale farm. They pamper them like they’re family.

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Cleveland Kraut

Brothers Drew and Mac Anderson and their brother-in-law Luke Visnic started making homemade sauerkraut so they could enjoy a traditional dish they grew up with. Now they — and the dozens of Clevelanders they employ — create several exciting flavors to enjoy with any meal.

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Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Creating the most beautiful ice cream possible was Jeni’s dream since she was a child. She achieved it not just by getting ingredients from Columbus-area farmers and Fair Trade suppliers, but by forming bonds with them to build community and foster sustainability.

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Nature Fresh Farms

By striving to do better for their farm and our planet, this family-owned company creates better tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Award-winning freshness and state-of-the-art sustainability are only a couple reasons families in Delta, Ohio and beyond can feel good about their produce.

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Mackenzie Creamery

“From the sunny fields of Hiram, Ohio” comes a mother and son success story. First, Jean found her calling making goat cheese, then her son Rob helped for a few weeks and was hooked. One taste of the artisanal flavors made right next door to Jean’s home will have you hooked, too.

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Bissell Maple Farm

Tapping the trees of Jefferson, Ohio for sap is something Nate Bissell’s family has been doing for six generations. Aging that sap in bourbon barrels to make amazing local syrup and a variety of other maple products is a relatively new twist — one you have to taste for yourself.

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