Bringing Together Our Team Members, Guests and Communities

We’re doing our best to support all members of our Giant Eagle family by sharing acts of kindness, partnering with local food banks and discovering new ways to help during this time of uncertainty.

Feeding America

Our Commitment to Local Food Banks

Giant Eagle is proud to support Feeding America in their mission to end hunger and aid those who may be food insecure during these uncertain times. We’ve designated all Giant Eagle and GetGo registers and curbside pickup and delivery locations as donation posts. Through this partnership we have pledged up to $250,000 in Feeding America matches to support our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and plan to continue to do our part in the weeks ahead.

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Portage Crossing Market District 05/12/2020

Our local Akron Ronald McDonald house had called to place an order for their last remaining families at the house. Their kitchen is shut down due to the Covid-19 virus and they had been ordering food daily from area restaurants. We decided to donate their meal to them and even threw in desserts which they were not expecting. They were extremely grateful and appreciative for the gesture.

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Portage Crossing Market District Curbside Department 05/11/2020

Susan Fizer Picked up her groceries from curbside about a week ago and asked if we had ear savers to protect our ears while wearing masks. She is making chemo caps for the kids that are sick and she takes the extra yarn and makes ear savers. She said she would like to donate some to the market district curbside and grocery store for all the help that we are doing to make her life and other lives easier.

Local families reach out to Robinson Market District store in appreciation
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Beth, Settlers Ridge Market District 05/9/2020

My son works at the Market District Giant Eagle in Robinson. I really appreciate how the management takes such good care of their employees. For several weeks, a free cooked meal was provided for their employees for their lunch/dinner break! That really made my son feel cared for and appreciated. (His free lunch really helped us stretch our food budget at home too!) The employees also received a thankyou note from Giant Eagle and a gift card for working during the Covid 19 outbreak. They have provided masks and gloves for the protection of their employees too. We have appreciated all these acts of kindness from Giant Eagle and its managers! Thank you so much! Beth

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Terri R., Brentwood Towne Center Giant Eagle 05/8/2020

The nicest thing happened today. I took my neighbor to Giant Eagle in Brentwood, Pa today and had Nick, my son with Down syndrome, with me. We were in an aisle and a gentleman came up to him and asked what kind of cereal he liked. After trying to get Nick to answer, I finally said Fruit Loops. He said “I’m going to get you a box of Fruit Loops buddy” and he proceeded down the aisle. He circled back a few minutes later and said “I thought this was the cereal aisle, it’s the cookie aisle. Buddy, do you like Oreos?” Nick smiled and said “yes”. The man turned and said to me “my brother is autistic and deaf, I am his representative. I know what it’s like and I like to help where I can”. While we were checking out, a cashier came up to me with a bag containing a huge package of Oreos and big box of Fruit Loops and said “another customer paid for this for you”. There are so many angels walking around this world. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Allie S., Howe Ave CPC 04/20/2020

HUGE shoutout to Stacey and Jensen at the Howe Ave curbside pickup fulfillment center!!!!!!! My daughter who is 3 and a type one diabetic rode with me and as I was driving in she started trending low. As soon as I called in for my order I asked if I could add cups to it so she could drink some of the pop in the order as she was falling asleep. Stacey went immediately to get me a few cups, gave them to Jensen and pushed my order up. I was able to start treating her low immediately and I cannot thank them more!!!!! Thank you guys for being here so this Momma can take care of her girl right now!!!!

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Vicki Clites, Director L&OD 04/16/2020

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tammy Maue, Business Analyst/GetGo Technologies for her generous gift of homemade masks. Tammy reached out asking if we could put some of these to good use and we immediately said yes. In her “spare” time, after work and on weekends, Tammy demonstrated her love for the Giant Eagle family by sewing these fashionable, fun masks. I asked Tammy to share her story about the meaning of making these masks and she told me about her Aunt Clare. “Making these masks has been a way for me to honor and thank the very special person who taught me to sew when I was a child, my aunt Clare. Anytime I went to her house, aunt Clare was always mending or sewing something for someone, like the homemade bags and totes she gave to the local nuns to use for themselves and as giveaways for their various activities. When she was teaching me to sew, she told me stories of her life, like when she worked in a factory during the war. She inspired me in many ways and made me believe anything was possible. I know a lot of who I am today is because of her. Aunt Clare passed away many years ago, but if she were here today, I know she too would be making masks and giving them to anyone who needed or wanted them. So, it is in her memory and spirit that I gladly make these masks for my Giant Eagle family.” Love is demonstrated in many ways and we are grateful to Tammy for her gift that not only protects others but brings a smile to all those fortunate to see her fun prints and designs. Thank you, Tammy, for sharing your talents with us!

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Denise, East Wylie 04/9/2020

Yesterday, we had an elderly couple call the store extremely upset. They had no groceries, nothing to cook with and no ability to get to the store for groceries or anybody to go to the store for them. After her shift yesterday, Rosylen went over to their place, got their grocery list and card, and purchased their groceries for them. On her own, she also purchased them a microwave so they would have a means to cook.

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Team Member, Westerville and Kingsdale 04/1/2020

Team members Jennifer Bommarito and Joy Bissett have both been active on our neighborhood Facebook group keeping neighbors up to date on hard to find items and offering to purchase and deliver for our elderly neighbors.

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JG, Chippewa 04/1/2020

I went to the Chippewa GE around 11am to get groceries. When I walked in, a team member was cleaning, sanitizing and organizing carts for customers. He was doing an amazing job! He was nice, friendly and showed that he truly cared that I had a clean cart to use while shopping. He was assisting everyone with what type of cart they wanted, a regular sized one or the smaller type. He did it all with a smile and care! I wasn't able to get his name because he had a long raincoat on from getting carts in from the rain but he definitely deserves a shout out and a compliment!!

Your Story

Sharing Acts of Kindness

In these stressful times, Giant Eagle is committed to remaining a place where kindness and community are valued, encouraged, and celebrated. If you’ve witnessed an act of kindness or good faith at your local Giant Eagle from a guest or Team Member, please take a few moments to share your story.

Share Your Story
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Team Member, Geneva 04/4/2020

We had a customer at the Geneva Giant Eagle offer to buy us pizza, or make us cookies because she knew how hard everyone was working!

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Chris 04/4/2020

I typed this a few pages back not knowing I would have to tell it here but will try again. I walked over from work next door to get a snack and drink and forgot my debit card and only had about $5 in cash on me. When I got to the checkout, I went to pay and didn't have enough money. I waved Alex over and asked him to remove 2 items that would get me under the $5. He took the cash from my hand and said "let's put this in and see where we end up". I thought that was an odd way of doing but gave him my cash and then got distracted by a text on my watch. When I was done reading it, I looked up to see him putting his own dollars in the machine to cover the balance! I yelled "no!, you can't do that!" and he smiled and said "too late, I already did". I was in amazed by his kind heart. I told him I would be back after work to repay him and even though he said it wasn't necessary I came back and repaid him and then some! I told his manager on the way out what a great guy he was! In the midst of this COVID pandemic and everyone with an "all for myself" attitude it was so refreshing to see someone helping someone else out! He deserves and award!!

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Team Member, South Hills Village 04/3/2020

Yesterday a regular guest named Bunny bought all of our Team Members on the clock a Sarris chocolate bar (over 100 of them) and thanked them for their hard work.

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Team Member, Ashlee 04/3/2020

Our Store Leader Brian and ACE Team Leader Steve heard of 2 shut ins that could not get out for food. They were unable to submit curbside orders and were really in need of supplies. They took the orders over the phone. Shopped the orders themselves. Then delivered them personally to the people. They put the food away for the individuals and even took out the garbage for them! They went above and beyond to help those in the community that needed it! Kindness like that makes me so proud to be a part of Store 18!

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Team Member, Shakespeare Street 04/3/2020

While I was bagging at the Shakespeare St Giant Eagle, I witnessed a customer offer to pay for another customer's order when initially they thought they did not have enough money to cover their order. It was so heartwarming to see the kindness of others especially during this very uncertain time.

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Patti, Beachwood 03/31/2020

A huge thank you to Denise and Tynesha at my local store in Beachwood, Ohio. I was shopping for my family and 3 others who are high risk. These ladies took the time to keep all 4 orders packed separately. That is going above and beyond in these unusual times. I've known some of these staff members for 25 years or more, through all the changes - Tops, Finast, Giant Eagle. June who cried with me the first time I came in without my Dad, Denise who couldn't wait to see my son's wedding photos, Eddy always had a smile and Charles will always unstick the carts. They are why I shop at Giant Eagle.

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Team Member, Glenshaw 03/21/2020

We had two Guests who are shut in for medical reasons, don't have computers, no friends or family, and were in dire straights as far as their food situation. We took their orders, by hand, shopped them, comped both orders and personally delivered their groceries. We put the food away at their homes, took out their garbage, and even fed a dog that needed fed. It was very eye opening to see someone face to face in that situation. It was emotional!

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Team Member, Gibsonia 03/21/2020

Last night I was at at Gibsonia GE & saw a young girl (maybe 11 or 12) trying to reach something that was on top shelf, all the way pushed back. I offered to get it for her & a small conversation followed. Her grandma is older & afraid to come into the stores. The young girl brought in the list (many things on the list not familiar to the young girl) So, while grandma waited in car, she did her best to get the items needed. I thanked her.

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Team Member, Robinson 03/21/2020

I am writing in about 1 of my TM's in HBW at #47. The 2nd day of this chaos, in the early morning hours, a frantic guest approached Judy D. looking for hand sanitizer. Judy started to explain that we were sold out & the lady became more upset, stating that her young son had just been diagnosed w/ cystic fibrosis & it was a life threatening situation. Her other 2 small children could not be around him without the sanitizer ( the hospital had just sent them home with that information).

Judy could see her distress & scanned the tag on the shelf to see if by chance any had come in that days order. It said there were 2 & we had 32 totes to go through to find it. Judy did that by herself, without hesitation & found it in one of the last totes. When Judy came out to the floor with it, the lady was sitting, crying, not just about her own situation but also what Judy had just done.

Judy offered them both to her & she said "I only need 1, maybe someone else needs 1 too"

A heroic moment on both parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Story

Community Focused

To us, Giant Eagle is more than just a supermarket. Now more than ever, we strive to remain a safe space for our communities and Team Members to come together and get the necessities their families need to stay healthy. We are, and will remain, in this together.

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Macedonia 04/7/2020

I want to thank the person who turned in my keys at the Macedonia store. It was such a kind thing to do as it was my car key and very expensive to replace. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you so much. I called the Macedonia Giant Eagle and described my key chain and it was at customer service. The girl in customer service was so kind. I know this is a difficult time and I appreciate the help I got and the person that turned in my keys. Your kindness at a time like this will never be forgotten. Thank You!

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Team Member, Robinson 03/17/2020

Yesterday afternoon as we were stocking the 6 hour late truck to the floor, a few dozen cases of TP came in. We no sooner had them out of the box, than they were gone-just like that. There was a young lady who had a pack on the bottom of her cart & 2 diff men approached her at the same time & asked where she found it.....she told them both that there was no more, but if THEY were in more need than her, they could have it! Just like that! I thanked her.

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Jim, Robinson 04/5/2020

Received this letter from a Guest at #47 Robinson Market District.

"Enclosed is a bunch of our homemade facemasks (these are not N95 quality) but these will provide some protection. Made from 100% cotton three layered. Please feel free to pass to anyone who may want one. If you need more let us know. Thank you very much as we appreciate all the hardworking staff at Market District. Sue & Dave"

facemasks from Sue & Dave
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N/A 04/2/2020

A guest paid for the $60 order of an elderly gentlemen after his credit card declined at the register. The gentlemen was also a Korean War vet.

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Anna 04/6/2020
Anna's Post
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@marketdistrictrobinson 04/16/2020

How to make our team very special. Local families reached out and made us thank you hearts in appreciation. ❤️#team47 #gianteaglewarriors #GEcommUNITY

Local families reach out to Robinson Market District store in appreciation

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