Giant Eagle Acts of Kindness

In these stressful times, Giant Eagle is committed to remaining a place where kindness and community are valued, encouraged, and celebrated. In the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed more compassion and generosity than ever before, and we want to share those stories with all our guests and Team Members.

Share your story

If you’ve witnessed an act of kindness or good faith at your local Giant Eagle from a guest or Team Member, share your story on social media by tagging @GiantEagle and using the hashtag #GEcommUNITY or fill out the form below.*

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We’re doing our best to support all members of our Giant Eagle family by sharing acts of kindness, partnering with local food banks and discovering new ways to help during this time of uncertainty.

Stories from others

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Team Member, Gibsonia 03/21/2020

Last night I was at at Gibsonia GE & saw a young girl (maybe 11 or 12) trying to reach something that was on top shelf, all the way pushed back. I offered to get it for her & a small conversation followed. Her grandma is older & afraid to come into the stores. The young girl brought in the list (many things on the list not familiar to the young girl) So, while grandma waited in car, she did her best to get the items needed. I thanked her.

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Team Member, Robinson 03/21/2020

I am writing in about 1 of my TM's in HBW at #47. The 2nd day of this chaos, in the early morning hours, a frantic guest approached Judy D. looking for hand sanitizer. Judy started to explain that we were sold out & the lady became more upset, stating that her young son had just been diagnosed w/ cystic fibrosis & it was a life threatening situation. Her other 2 small children could not be around him without the sanitizer ( the hospital had just sent them home with that information).

Judy could see her distress & scanned the tag on the shelf to see if by chance any had come in that days order. It said there were 2 & we had 32 totes to go through to find it. Judy did that by herself, without hesitation & found it in one of the last totes. When Judy came out to the floor with it, the lady was sitting, crying, not just about her own situation but also what Judy had just done.

Judy offered them both to her & she said "I only need 1, maybe someone else needs 1 too"

A heroic moment on both parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Debbie, Shaler 03/25/2020

Steetsboro Pharmacy is awesome! They go over and beyond for their customers!

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Team Member, Glenshaw 03/21/2020

We had two Guests who are shut in for medical reasons, don't have computers, no friends or family, and were in dire straights as far as their food situation. We took their orders, by hand, shopped them, comped both orders and personally delivered their groceries. We put the food away at their homes, took out their garbage, and even fed a dog that needed fed. It was very eye opening to see someone face to face in that situation. It was emotional!