Gobs Tray

36 count, 80 cal. ea.
Choose from a variety of flavor combinations: vanilla, chocolate and red velvet


Cookie Trays

Thumbprint Cutout Cookie Tray
$9.99, 18 cookies, 170 cal. ea.
A variety of fresh baked seasonal thumbprints and cutout cookies.

Assorted Cookie Tray
$14.99, 30 ct. / $28.99, 60 ct.
Assorted varieties.

Almond Torte

Toasted Almond Torte

$20.99 ea., 530 cals. per 1/14th cake

A four-layer cake filled with Bavarian crème, iced with buttercream and garnished with toasted, sugar-coated sliced almonds.

Brownie Tray

Brownie Party Tray

$16.99, 24 ct. Availability varies by store.


Mini Muffin Tray

$9.99 24 muffins, 440–490 cals. ea.

Availability varies by store, please contact your local Bakery Department for more information.

Fudge Crown Torte

Fudge Crown Torte

$19.99 ea.
530 cals. per 1/14th cake
Four-layered chocolate torte filled with chocolate buttercream and frosted with fudge icing.

Market District Cheesecakes
$16.49 ea., 210-470 cals. per slice
Available in New York Baked (Plain) 9 slices, White Chocolate Raspberry 9 slices, Caramel Turtle 9 slices, Tiramisu 8 slices, and Variety Pack 8 slices.

Sliced Loaf Tray
Starting at $9.99, 16 pieces, 160 cal. ea.
Availability varies by store, please contact your local Bakery Department for more information.

Holiday Roll
$8.99 ea.
Nut roll layered with walnut filling. Also Available in apricot and poppy seed varieties.

Pumpkin Cake Roll
$8.99 ea.
Made with a rich moist pumpkin cake and filled with our delicious cream cheese filling.

Cookies-n-creme Torte
$20.99 ea.
Chocolate cake with cookies-n-creme whipped icing topped with oreo cookies.




Let our expert Cake Decorators help you plan the perfect cake design for your party. Please place your order at least 24 hours in advance. Availability varies by store.

Cake Sizes
Single Layer, servings per cake*
¼ Sheet, serves 15
½ Sheet, serves 30
Full Sheet, Serves 60

Cake Flavors
Calories per serving*
Traditional White, 170 calories
White Almond, 230 calories
Yellow, 170 calories
Marble, 180 calories
Chocolate, 180 calories
Red Velvet, 170 calories

Icing Flavors
Calories per serving*
Vanilla Buttercream, adds 220 calories
Chocolate Buttercream, adds 220 calories
Vanilla Whipped Icing, adds 100 calories
Chocolate Whipped Icing, adds 100 calories

Cake Fillings 
Calories per serving*
Strawberry, adds 50 calories
Raspberry, adds 50 calories
Lemon, adds 50 calories
Superior Crème, adds 50 calories
Apple Raspberry, adds 70 calories
Apricot, adds 70 calories

Order Your Cake Online
Simply choose the cake flavor, filling and icing and customize the message for your occasion. Ready-to-order licensed designs are also available for cakes. Design options vary by store, so view available designs online or contact the Bakery Department of your local Giant Eagle.


Order Your Cake In-person or By Phone
You can visit the Bakery Department of your local Giant Eagle or call to order your cake.

A Cake Decorator can tell you about the decorations available:

  • Floral Seasonal Arrangements
  • Birthday Cake Kits
  • Party Cake Decorations
  • Photo Image Decorated
  • Edible Image with Copyright
  • And Many More…


Servings based on a 2x2” slice of cake.*
2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary.




Market District pies are meticulously made from traditional recipes that feature a rich, flaky crust.

These delicious premium pies are available year-round:

  • Apple
  • Apple Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Peach
  • Dutch Apple
  • Very Berry

Availability varies by store, please visit your local Bakery Department for details or to place a special order.

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