Put your loose change to use at Giant Eagle and Market District

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Get Cash and Convenience with Coinstar

Why leave loose change sitting in a jar when you can do so much more with it? Find a big green Coinstar exchange kiosk inside your local Giant Eagle store and convert your coins into cash, eGift Cards and charitable donations.

Cash In
No rolling or sorting required! Just pour your coins into a Coinstar kiosk and watch the tally rise on the screen. When the counting is done, you’ll get a voucher to take to a Cashier on exchange for actual cash.

Easy eGift Cards
Instead of getting cash, you can also exchange your coins for eGift Cards to any of Coinstar’s store and restaurant partners using their Coin to Card® service. And, best of all, you pay no service fee when you select this option.

Caring through Coins
Coinstar’s Coins that Count® charity program gives you the option of giving back. Use the kiosk to select the charity of your choice from the options available in your store and let your change help change the lives of those in need.

eCoupon Capabilities
You can now use Coinstar to save on your grocery shopping. Coinstar kiosks in select stores now feature a 3D holographic advertising display of showcasing offers on top brands. You can select the eCoupons you like and print them out for immediate redemption.