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A Brief History of Your Bouquet

Would a Rose by Any Other Name Still Be Given on Valentine’s Day?

One of the first things you think of when you imagine the traditional Valentine’s Day gift is a dozen red roses. But why is that? Why is it red roses instead of say, a heart-shaped plate of sizzling bacon? Both are just as beautiful to look at right? It turns out why we give roses as gifts on Valentine’s Day dates way back to the Victorian Era when it was taboo to openly express emotions to one another. As a way to communicate love, jealousy or friendship, Victorians began to study floriography (the language of flowers) and started delivering flowers that represented these feelings to their intended targets. A red rose represents love and romance so of course on Valentine’s Day, the ultimate day of love and romance, red roses became the norm.

Why A Dozen?

The number 12 represents completeness; 12 hours a day, 12 months a year, etc, so a gift of one dozen roses showcases your complete and everlasting love for another person.

Send the Right Message

Red roses may mean love and romance, but you can communicate a lot more with the many colors roses come in. Make sure you’re sending the right message with this floral cheat sheet.

Red Rose:
Love & romance

Yellow Rose:
Friendship, joy, get well soon

Purple Rose:
Regal majesty and splendor

Lavender Rose:
Love at first sight, enchantment

Dark Pink Rose:
Gratitude and appreciation

Light Pink Rose:
Gentleness and admiration

White Rose:
Innocent, purity, condolences

Orange Rose:
Desire, enthusiasm, passion

Cream Rose:
Charm and thoughtfulness

Green Rose:
New life

How to Make Flowers Last Longer!

Prepare a clean vase with fresh water and floral preservative solution mixed according to the instructions on the back of the food packet.

Remove all leaves that fall below the water line.

Carefully cut the end of your stems (1-2 inches should be sufficient) at a diagonal with a sharp pair of shears. Place stems immediately in the vase.

Place flowers in an area without direct sunlight and/or extreme heat or cold.

Add water daily.

Looking for tips on how to care for a specific type of flower? Our Floral Experts are always happy to give you advice and help you choose the perfect arrangement. We also have a wide variety of unique vases that pair well with our fresh mixed bouquets and roses.

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