Little Shopper
Treat Card

Get yours for $1 — proceeds benefit local children’s hospitals.

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Little Shopper Treat Card

Healthy Snacks and Helping Hands

Next time your kid is begging for a treat while you shop, you can feel great about giving them one. With the Little Shopper Treat Card, not only does your little one get their choice of a FREE snack, you also get the satisfaction of knowing you helped out local children’s hospitals.

Purchase a card at the Customer Service desk of your neighborhood Giant Eagle or Market District and your Little Shopper will get to choose from three wholesome treats.

A piece of fruit from our Produce display
A slice of cheese from our Deli
A cookie from our Bakery

They’ll be excited to grab their snack whenever you bring them along on your grocery trip, and you’ll be happy they’re eating something healthy … and that you’re helping your community.

Pick up your card next time you shop. And, in the meantime, learn more about all the ways we’re giving back to the community.

*The Little Shopper Treat Card is for children 10 and under. Child must be present to choose their one treat per visit.