Primo® Purified Water

Get 5-gallon bottles at Giant Eagle and Market District, exchange your empties and save.

Primo Water

Start a Healthy Hydration Habit with Primo

Drinking enough water is an important step in striving for a healthy lifestyle. All water is not the same, though. To make sure you’re getting the benefits of water and none of the impurities you’ll unfortunately find in a lot of other water sources, you should drink purified water like Primo. It’s safer because it helps put a stop to parasites and bacteria. Plus, harmful heavy metals like lead and mercury, and chemicals like cyanide and fluoride were not detected in tests. That means Primo water actually exceeds public health goals.

Primo’s 5-gallon bottles work with most dispensers. Don’t have a water dispenser yet? Giant Eagle shoppers can use promo code GIANTEAGLE20 for 20% off a Primo water dispenser and free shipping!

Get your Primo Water dispenser now. It will come with a coupon for a free pre-filled 5-gallon bottle of Primo Water!

Primo’s Purification Process

Primo Purification Process

How The Exchange Process Works

1.) Buy a Primo Pre-Filled Exchange Water bottle at a Giant Eagle store near you.

2.) Drink it Down — Primo’s bottles work with most water dispensers.

3.) Take your empty bottle back to Giant Eagle and recycle in the bottle return.

4.) Grab a Ticket & Save on your next Primo bottle.