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Shearer's Chips

Our Giant Eagle potato chips are made by the best: Shearer’s in Brewster, Ohio. What started as a family market in the early 1900s, soon became its own snack food manufacturing operation. It wasn’t long before they began hand-cooking kettle potato chips in a small rental facility. That’s how the Shearer chip perfection we know and love was born. Enjoy them this year as holiday appetizers or sides with your favorite Giant Eagle deli dips.

Vigeo Gardens

Vigeo Gardens is our microgreen go-to for seasonal salads and sandwiches! Located in downtown Akron, their mission is to reconnect people to the origins of food, ensuring that responsible practices are always being followed. Every plant is grown in hydroponics or all-natural soil and the entire farm is located in a repurposed tire factory! Clean. Green. And, so real.

Buckeye Fresh

Add even more local lettuce to your family’s holiday feast with Buckeye Fresh. Located in Medina, Ohio, Buckeye Fresh grows their lettuce hydroponically using indoor Vertical Growing Systems with LED lighting to manifest pristine, leafy greens without sun or soil. Harvested daily at the peak of flavor and nutritional value, these fresh greens are easily traced from farm-to-table. We know. We do it every day!

Lakeview Farms Deli Dips

At Lakeview Farms in Delphos, Ohio, they make the dips we are proud to give the Giant Eagle name. We love that they are local and devoted to creative dip development, innovative, sustainable packaging. Whether it’s a savory, rich and creamy or spicy dip, you can count on local flavor for your next holiday gathering.

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