perks challenges

Add a little play to your shopping trip.

Our simple shopping challenges are a fun new way to earn more bonus perks. Lets play!

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How Challenges Work

Ready to level up your perk earning potential? Check out how easy it is to start crushing challenges.
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Challenges are sent right to you via app or email.
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Play along as you shop at Giant Eagle, Market District, or GetGo.
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Bonus perks are added directly to your account. Score!
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Perks Challenges 101

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New challenges added monthly

Look out for new challenges in the grocery app, or subscribe to our emails.

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Two types of challenges

Mix things up with all-or-nothing or step-based challenges.

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Shop online or in-store

Playing is easy no matter how or where you choose to shop with us.

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Claim your rewards

Bonus perks will appear in your account within 48 hours of completion.

Track your progress with the Giant Eagle app

Get the Giant Eagle app to track your perks progress, activate new challenges, shop on-the-go, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my challenges?


You can download the Giant Eagle app or sign up with your email to start receiving challenges. We will send you updates through the app or to your email to help you track your progress.

When/How can I start my challenges?


We send out challenges every month. Once you have signed up using the Giant Eagle app or your email, you can click‘start’ to begin tracking your challenges.

What products qualify for challenges?


The following products do not qualify for challenges: prescriptions, sushi, dry cleaning, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco & lottery tickets. Gift cards are excluded unless specified in the challenge step. Purchases need to meet the requirements of the challenge after applying any coupons and before tax is calculated.

Which stores participate in challenges?


All Giant Eagle, Market District and GetGo stores participate in Perks challenges.

Does online shopping count towards Perks challenges?



How do I know if I’ve won any perks?


We will send you a notification through the Giant Eagle app or to your email when you finish your challenges and earn extra perks.

Why am I not seeing my perks?


Perks can take up to 24 hours to be added to your account once you successfully complete a challenge.

How do I know if I’ve completed a challenge?


We will send you a notification when you finish a challenge and when you earn extra perks. Some challenges require multiple steps to complete. Please carefully read the requirements of every challenge.