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Giant Eagle Pharmacy with Amazon Alexa

Introducing Voice Refills for Giant Eagle Pharmacy Patients

When you need to refill your medications, just say the word. The first ever Giant Eagle Pharmacy Skill is here to enhance the way you refill medications.

Now you can set up refill requests and medication reminders simply by speaking to your Amazon Echo devices — such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and more — to further personalize your Alexa experience.

So, when you see your prescription is getting low, you can let us know you need a refill. And you can set up helpful medication dosage reminders, too. Just follow the instructions below to set up and use your new Amazon Alexa skill.

Opening the Giant Eagle Pharmacy Skill in the Alexa Mobile App
1. Open the Alexa mobile app
2. Tap the menu icon
3. Tap Skills and Games
4. Tap the search icon
5. Type “Giant Eagle”
6. Verify Account

Setting Up the Giant Eagle Pharmacy Skill
Once you have enabled the skill, you will be prompted to create an account and verify select prescription information. You will also set up an Alexa Voice Profile if you don’t have one, as well as a four-digit personal passcode, that will ensure all your data is confidential. When account verification is complete, refilling prescriptions becomes as easy as speaking to Alexa. By simply saying, “Alexa, refill my prescriptions,” you will be able to verify prescription information and request a refill from the designated Giant Eagle Pharmacy location. Once the prescription has been fulfilled, you will receive a pick-up notification from Giant Eagle Pharmacy via text message or phone call. And you will continue to earn perks on all eligible prescriptions and out-of-pocket costs!

1. Click to enable use
2. Confirm identity
3. Link your Giant Eagle account
4. Confirm phone number
5. Click “done”
6. Set up voice profile and passcode
7. Setup complete
8. Say “Alexa, manage my medication” or “Alexa, refill my prescriptions”

How to Request a Refill
Using a supported Echo device say: “Alexa, refill my prescriptions”. Alexa will then go through each prescription and ask if you want to refill it. Alternatively, you can ask Alexa to refill a specific prescription by using the RX number on your prescription. For example, if the RX number you want to refill is 1234567 you would say “Alexa, refill prescription number 1234567”.

How to Set Up Medication Reminders
Using a supported Echo device say: “Alexa, manage my prescriptions”. Alexa will then go through each of your active prescriptions and ask you how often and when you want to be reminded to take that medicine.

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Try our new skill today and see how convenient managing your prescriptions can be. You can even refill medications for your pet. To find a Giant Eagle Pharmacy near you or to learn about the other convenient options we provide, visit our helpful pharmacy page.