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We are here to help, with over 30 years of experience in improving resident care and quality of life

Giant Eagle Long-Term Care Pharmacy

We know that caring for your residents is your top priority. They are for us as well. We have over 30 years of experience in long-term care pharmacy and want to work with you to develop solutions for improving resident care and quality of life. At Giant Eagle Long-Term Care Pharmacy, we will partner with your facility to understand your needs, with the goal of providing you with distinct, customized pharmacy service options. These options are meant to optimize your operations not only for better patient care such as increased medication accuracy and safety, but also efficiency and time savings for your staff.

Giant Eagle’s long-term care-focused pharmacy services are local, professional, and reliable. The benefits of our various methods of efficiencies will afford you more valuable time to focus on your residents’ care and needs.

  • Long-Term Care Experience
    Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is experienced and understands the special needs of your residents as well as the importance of being responsive to questions and concerns of all staff, administration, and families.
    • We accept over 100 insurance plans.
    • We provide infusion therapies as well as highly trained specialized infusion nurses.
    • We have available trained pharmacists who can sit on various committees such as antibiotic stewardship, quality improvement, interdisciplinary, and ethics.
    • We have a Board Certified Geriatric Specialty Pharmacist (BCGP) on staff as well as other highly trained consultant pharmacists.

  • Same-day, Plus Extended Hours, Weekend Delivery, and Emergency Needs
    Accessibility and responsiveness are important to you — and to us, too. We will work with you to develop customized systems tailored for your facility that best suit your residents’ needs and your workflow. We are available 24/7 for consultations, and urgently needed medications. Giant Eagle’s large network of 200+ pharmacies ensure that we can acquire necessary medications quickly.
  • Medication Dispensing Options
    Newest technology with numerous special packaging options including customized label packaging to meet your needs and requests, some of which include barcodes, patient images, time of day dispensing, etc. while providing clear, concise instructions. We also offer multiple customized types of dispensing options to meet any special needs of your facility and residents. Our goal is to provide the highest level of safety and accuracy possible for your residents while ensuring convenience and time savings for your staff when dispensing medications.

  • Technology and Practice Enhancing Aids
    Today, there are multiple methods and means to enhance communication between our pharmacy and your facility while at the same time reducing the amount of time necessary to do so. We will work with your facility to arrive at the most convenient methods to achieve effective and convenient retrievable communications while reducing unnecessary paperwork.
  • Formulary Options for Cost Controls and Optimal Drug Utilization
    Our formulary interchange and optimal drug utilization plan can reduce costs for your facility and residents while reducing the potential for drug interactions that are seen in the geriatric population. Additionally, in order to help control costs, there is the availability of an auto therapeutic drug interchange program in the Med A setting.

  • Consultant Pharmacist Services
    Upon the initiation of a medication order, our dispensing pharmacists review each prescription for proper dosage, appropriateness of medication, possible interactions and continuity of therapy as part of our pre-dispensing drug regimen review.
    • Our Consultant Pharmacists are in the facilities regularly performing our monthly drug regimen reviews for each resident.
    • We offer patient consultations with new resident admissions, re-admits, and residents incurring change of medical conditions.
    • We monitor all medications for appropriate diagnoses for their use and ensure that all necessary lab work and other monitoring services required by the federal indicators and survey systems are being followed.
    • We are available to monitor and review procedures when nurses distribute medications to residents and inspect carts.
    • We can monitor medication storage units for expired medications to ensure safety and compliance.
  • Education and In-service for Staff Members and Families
    We are dedicated to enhancing the education of all levels of staff on various disease state matters such as recognizing adverse reactions, proper medication administration and implementation of new drug information or policy and procedure-related topics and protocols. We have education materials that are also aimed at families and relatives of residents as well as programs designed for prescribers to maintain their familiarity with the survey process and drug indicators.
  • On-site Vaccination Clinics
    Our Certified Vaccinating Pharmacists offer flu, shingles and pneumonia, as well as other immunizations, for your residents and your staff in your facilities.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy Long-Term Care Hours

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Monday – Friday 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Sunday call (724) 219-2208, 24/7

Giant Eagle Long-Term Care Pharmacy is interested in merging the unique capabilities of our pharmacy services with your facilities unique practices to create a partnership that benefits you and your residents. Our focus and dedication to long-term care is an extension of our long-standing commitment to the patients and communities we have served for more than 40 years.

For more information, please contact 866-371-4023 or email