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While it can be fun for you and your family to try out a new recipe on your own, what if you could get a free cooking lesson from real celebrity chefs like Jeff Mauro, Alex Guarnaschelli, Buddy Valastro, and Adam Richman right in your own kitchen?

These four renowned culinary experts are inviting you into their home kitchens to share their favorite recipes made with fresh, affordable ingredients from Giant Eagle and Market District.

Watch the lessons and download the recipes for free, then order the ingredients for curbside pickup or delivery. It’s that simple to make chef-quality dishes and, more importantly, lasting memories.

If you’re hungry to learn, let’s get started.

Mother’s Day Memories with Jeff Mauro

Treat Mom to a breakfast she won’t soon forget with this perfect yogurt parfait.

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Watch how easy and clean breakfast in bed can be.
Jeff Mauro

Peanut Butter & Blueberry Lemon Compote Yogurt Parfait

Create unforgettable flavor with this berry-filled blend.

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Jeff Mauro

Jeff Mauro is a cook, actor and comedian best-known as host of The Kitchen and Sandwich King. From his Chicago home kitchen, he shows you and your kids how to create a Mother’s Day parfait perfect for breakfast in bed.

Incredible Cookie Creations for Kids with Buddy Valastro

Learn to make fried—yes, fried—cookies because you deserve a little indulgence.

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Make sweets and smiles with this kid-friendly lesson.
Buddy Valastro

Fried Cookies

Chocolate sandwich cookies coated in buttermilk pancake batter.

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Buddy Valastro

You know Buddy as the one-and-only Cake Boss. Join this world-renowned baker, decorator, chef and restaurateur from his New Jersey home kitchen as he makes fried cookies you can easily create in your own kitchen with your kids.

Easy, Creative Lunch Quesadillas with Alex Guarnaschelli

Build a quesadilla bar in your own home with this collaborative, kid-approved recipe.

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Create authentic Mexican lunch and excitement.
Alex Guarnaschelli

Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas

Fill cheesy tortillas with fresh chicken and Alex’s black bean spread.

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Alex Guarnaschelli

Alex Guarnaschelli is best-known for her appearances on Chopped and Iron Chef America. She joins us from her home kitchen in New York to show how to make a fun, simple lunch at home with the kids.

Budget-Friendly, Quick Dinner with Adam Richman

This favorite of Adam’s family will soon be yours, too.

video still
Delicious bang for your buck with this family favorite.
Adam Richman

Chicken Marsala

Fill your home the aroma of Marsala, mushrooms, prosciutto & more.

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Grilled Asparagus Rafts

Skewer asparagus spears together and season for a sensational side.

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Adam Richman

Adam is a cook, author, and culinary traveler you may know from Man v. Food and Secret Eats. He joins us from his Brooklyn apartment to share his budget-friendly chicken Marsala—a Richman family recipe you can easily make at home.

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