Deviled Eggs
Four Ways

Learn how to make gourmet deviled eggs with our tips and recipes.

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Deviled Eggs Four Ways

What the Devil?

Traditional deviled eggs contain just a few ingredients — hard-boiled eggs cut in half, yolks usually mixed with mayo, and mustard — but, as our recipes show, they can be made in almost endless ways. So, whether you call them Russian eggs, stuffed eggs, or simply one of the easiest foods to make, they can only truly be defined by your imagination and appetite. Find out how much flavor you can fit into an egg by using our tips and recipes, then you’ll be ready to “eggs-periment” on your own.

Deviled Eggs Through the Ages
According to historians, deviled eggs go all the way back to ancient Rome. The recipe has evolved over the years, but back then boiled eggs were commonly served with spicy sauces as a first course. Fast forward a couple thousand years to the 18th century and the term “deviled” started to appear as a description for foods that were especially spicy — a nod to the underworld. By around the late 1800s, the modern day deviled egg began taking shape as cooks experimented with mayonnaise as a way to bind yolks and spices like paprika and mustard into a paste.

How to Boil Your Eggs
Whether you’re making spicy deviled eggs or a traditional recipe, the first step to making the best deviled eggs is a perfectly hard-boiled egg. Here are a few tips to help make sure you cook yours just right.

  • Use a wide saucepan so your eggs fit in one layer without crowding.
  • Use cold water to prevent cracking.
  • Cover with a lid as soon as the water starts boiling.
  • After 30 seconds, remove from heat and let sit for 10-12 minutes.
  • Place eggs in cool water for a few minutes before peeling.

Be Extra About Your Eggs
To give your deviled eggs that extra special something and really impress your friends and family at holiday events, follow a few more simple tips.

  • Check the age of your eggs - if they’re almost at their expiration date you’ll find they peel much more easily.
  • Add pizzazz with a piping bag - why scoop the yolks in when you can add decorative flair to your holiday affair?
  • Eggs for days - make deviled eggs a day or two in advance to save time. You’ll be able to focus on preparing your main course or entertaining guests when they arrive.

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