Dry Rub Recipes

Easy seasonings you can make in minutes with a handful of herbs and spices.

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Dry Rub Recipes

How to Make Rubs Everyone Loves

Infusing your meat and seafood with superior flavor is about as effortless as a wave of the hand. With only a few seasonings and spices you probably already have in your pantry, and about five minutes, you can make a steak dry rub or fish seasoning recipe that amazes your friends and family. Or, why not make a bigger batch of our barbecue dry rub so you have it ready for when you want to add an extra kick to your chicken or brisket? For as simple as they are to make, dry rubs create complex flavor. Just make sure you follow a couple rules.

The Method to The Meatiness
Applying the rub to your food can be done two different ways. But before seasoning, you should rinse the meat and pat it dry. Then either spread the rub on with your hands or put it on a plate or in a container, lay the meat on top then flip until it’s covered to your heart’s content. If you use the latter method, just make sure you discard the extra rub. And if you’re seasoning chicken be sure to add some rub underneath the skin.

Why Use a Dry Rub Over Wet?
Not to be confused with a dry brine, which is left on meat for a long period of time before ultimately being rinsed off, dry rubs are usually applied to the meat right before cooking. That’s why they’re perfect when you’re pressed for time.

While delicious in their own right, wet marinades work best when your food is given time to soak. Similarly, wet rubs can help add incredible moisture to your meat, but they can also be a bit messier and should be given an hour or two to fully soak in.

Dry rubs like the recipes below come together in no time, clean up easily, and add tons of flavor right out of the gate. On the other hand, if you want to plan further in advance, letting a dry rub sit on your meat for a few hours before cooking can help even more flavor permeate it. Whether you’re ready to cook now or later, it will only take you a few minutes to make these…

Easy Dry Rub Recipes

Sweet and Smokey Steak Rub

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Herby Seafood Rub

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