Super Easy Slider Bar

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We’ll show you how to prep a slider bar so you’ll have more time to mingle with your guests. You won’t have to worry about picky partygoers because a slider bar lets guests choose what they like best. Family and friends will have fun combining flavors and exploring new tastes!

Serve Up A Smoky Slider

Your guests will be blown away by our sweet, smoky chicken sliders.

Step 1: Pick Your Theme

Build your slider bar around a protein or mix and match! You can create a smoky, southern meal with a selection of barbecue sliders or go for an all-American burger bar with classic burger toppings. The options are endless!

Step 2: Choose Your Ingredients


(Rolls, tortillas & wraps work too!)


Ketchup, mustard, salsa, mayo & more. Try our kicked-up versions of mayo and mustard!

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Burgers, hot dogs, veggie patties, ground turkey… Try our recipe for Seasoned Bison Burgers & Smoky Chicken Sliders

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Cheese, grilled pineapple, balsamic red onions, mushrooms, peppers, cherry tomato jam, jalapeño-cabbage slaw…

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Step 3: Prep Your Bar

Prep condiments, toppings and items served cool the day before. Then all you’ll have to do is heat your protein and plate your food on the day of your party.

Step 4: Build Your Bar

Set it up with buns first, then protein, toppings and condiments. Use crock pots to keep hot items at a safe and tasty temperature. Serve topping and condiments in mason jars, muffin tins or small bowls. And, don’t forget the plates, napkins and utensils.

Step 5: Dig in!

We hope you have fun making your slider bar this summer! Share your pictures with us by using #gianteagle and you could be featured on our social accounts!

Slider Recipes

Seasoned Bison Burgers & Smoky Chicken Sliders

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Topping Recipes

Balsamic Red Onions, Cherry Tomato Jam, Jalapeno-Cabbage Slaw

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Condiment Recipes

Horseradish Mustard, Peppercorn Mayonnaise

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