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“We believe that it is our duty to keep our Team Members safe and healthy, provide fresh, wholesome food, and do our very best to ensure our guests have access to what they want and need.”

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Vaccination Info

Vaccine Information

You can trust our pharmacies to keep you informed and provide your community with reliable access to the Covid-19 vaccine.

How we're keeping Communities safe

Safety Precautions

All of our stores have implemented protective measures to keep you and our Team Members safe while you shop.

Store Hours

Hours of Operation

We recommend calling your local Giant Eagle for questions regarding store hours. Hours may vary by location.

Our Commitment to Your Wellness

Here are resources to maintain your health and wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated 8/5/2021

To keep you and your loved ones fully informed, we’ve answered some common questions. If you have additional concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Product Availability

Our Team Members are focused on making the items we all need available to the entire community. So that our families, friends and neighbors can all stay safe and healthy, some items may have purchase limits and some in-store departments may be operating with limited availability.


Your neighborhood Giant Eagle Pharmacy will administer COVID-19 vaccines as defined in the phased approach provided by the United States Government, CDC, and local health department.

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Effective 8/4/21, all Team Members are required to wear a face mask, cloth face covering or face shield. Taking this important step will allow us to best protect one another and our guests.

As of 8/6/21, we strongly request that our guests abide by the same mask requirement as our Team Members for the health and safety of everyone in our communities. Team Members at our stores are able to provide a complimentary mask for any guest who does not have one.

Your neighborhood Giant Eagle Pharmacy has a variety of options to choose from for the COVID-19 vaccine. Please refer to our COVID-19 Vaccine page for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Please refer to our COVID-19 Vaccine page to find out what age groups have access to the vaccine at this time. You can also calculate when to get a booster from the interactive tool on our COVID-19 Vaccine page.

We understand that social distancing is especially important for elderly individuals during these uncertain times. We’re now offering seniors an extra hour to shop to ensure they have access to newly stocked, high-demand items. Starting on Monday, March 23, our supermarkets will open from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m., Monday through Wednesday, for senior customers, age 60 and up. Our Curbside pickup and delivery services are also available for those who would prefer us to bring groceries to them.

We’re working very closely with our supply partners to keep our shelves stocked with the items you need most, including fresh foods, cleaning supplies, and medications. We’re stocking available product overnight and as shipments arrive throughout the day. We’re managing our available inventory at each store by asking our guests to be mindful of how much of each item they purchase so that we can make these essential items accessible to all our neighbors.

As guests rely on us at this important time, our Team Members are focused on providing the items in greatest need. For this reason, we will continue to limit purchases of high-demand products. We’re stocking available product overnight and as shipments arrive throughout the day. We thank you for understanding.

We are stressing to all Team Members and guests the importance of taking preventative measures outlined by the CDC, particularly the need for anyone not feeling well to avoid visiting our locations. We have implemented more frequent cleaning of our restrooms, checkout lanes, and payment touch pads. These measures are continually being reinforced with our Team Members.

While different factors determine the specifics of healthcare options, we are happy to offer flexible scheduling opportunities and paid sick leave. The wellbeing of our Team Members is a top priority for us so we’re reinforcing the importance of staying home when ill and following all CDC guidance so we can keep our stores clean and our guests and families healthy!

In an effort to create a safe and clean environment for our guests and Team Members, we have decided to temporarily stop accepting returned items. Once items leave the store we cannot know where those items have been and who has handled them. This also allows us to reduce non-essential contact between guests and Team Members.

We have seen unprecedented demand in our stores and we are doing our best to make sure everyone in the community has access to the essentials. We are partnering with our suppliers to keep our shelves stocked. Even so, we are experiencing low levels of certain products so we are temporarily suspending rainchecks. We appreciate your understanding.

We will resume our regular policies as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our weekly circular will not be delivered to homes for one week (4/2), but it will be available in-store. Starting Thursday, 4/9 we will have a modified weekly circular because of product availability due to extreme demand. Please rest assured that you will still find sales and specials in our stores and when shopping for Curbside pickup or delivery.

We are working around the clock to get the essential items our guests need on our shelves, and to maintain the same level of value that guests expect. There will be signs in the store that show sale prices. If you are shopping Curbside, go to “shop by department” in the header and view the “specials” section to find sale items.

Visit to view all specials.

Due to limited supply and increased demand across the country, COVID-19 over the counter tests are currently out of stock at all Giant Eagle Pharmacies. Please reach out to your healthcare insurer or employer for more information how to receive tests.

We’re doing our best to support all members of our Giant Eagle family by sharing acts of kindness, partnering with local food banks and discovering new ways to help during this time of uncertainty.