Citizens® fuelperks+™ Debit Card

Earn extra perks!

Earn a fuelperks+ High Five

Earn extra perks when you shop for groceries, pump gas or fill a qualifying prescription every time you pay with your Citizens fuelperks+ Debit Card. That's on top of the perks you already earn with your Giant Eagle Advantage Card®.

Earn 5 Extra Perks

  • Every time you spend $50 at Giant Eagle, Market District or inside GetGo with your Citizens fuelperks+ Debit Card
  • Every time you pump 10 gallons of fuel at GetGo with your Citizens fuelperks+ Debit Card
  • Every time you fill 5 qualifying prescriptions at a Giant Eagle Pharmacy with your Citizens fuelperks+ Debit Card

For every 50 perks earned, you can redeem them for $0.10 off fuel (up to a free tank of 30 gallons) or 2% off groceries (up to 20% off any size grocery order).

Enroll for Free

If you’re a Citizens customer, visit any branch and ask for help enrolling your debit card in fuelperks+. It’s free.

If you aren’t yet a Citizens customer, open a personal checking account and enroll your new Citizens fuelperks+ Debit Card in the program. You’ll start earning more perks right away. Visit for more information.

fuelperks+ allows qualified and enrolled Citizens fuelperks+ debit card customers to earn perks on qualifying purchases gallons pumped, and prescriptions filled at Giant Eagle®, Market District and GetGo® Café+ Market Convenience Stores when paying with the fuelperks+ debit card and linked Giant Eagle Advantage Card at checkout. Perks can later be redeemed for discounts on grocery or fuel purchases. Spending thresholds included here are for reference only. Any amount spent, gallons pumped or prescriptions filled on qualified purchases are eligible for earnings. But, only whole perks will be displayed on the receipt, mobile apps and websites. Earnings awarded by Citizens will be reflected on your Giant Eagle Advantage Card account record. The same redemption and expiration policies apply as the fuelperks+ program, maintained exclusively by Giant Eagle. Citizens reserves the right to verify and adjust program perks offered at any time. For more information about fuelperks+ from Giant Eagle, visit

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