Say goodbye to checkout lines!

Try Scan Pay Go next time you shop for a faster checkout. You’ll still get all the coupons, sales and myPerks you love.

scan pay go

Shop Smart & Stay Protected

Use your smartphone

Download the Scan Pay Go app and use your personal smartphone to minimize contact while shopping.

Bag as you go

Bring your own reusable bags and pack your items while you shop.

Track your spending

Use the app and know exactly how much you’re spending as you go.

Fast, low-contact checkout

Use dedicated Scan Pay Go lanes—or any self-checkout—for a faster, more convenient & low-contact checkout.

Get savings

Use your coupons, get sale pricing and earn myPerks like you normally would.

How it works

1. Scan

Scan items and bag them as you shop.


2. Weigh

Weigh items at Scale Stations when needed.


3. Check out

Pay at the Scan Pay Go lane or any self-checkout. We may randomly check your order for accuracy.

Download App

Download in the App Store

Find a Scan Pay Go Near Me

Check to see if Scan Pay Go is available in your store.

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We may offer you the ability to scan items for purchase with a mobile device at certain locations and to check out using the mobile device (“Scan Pay Go™”). Our mobile checkout services, including Scan Pay Go™, are subject to the Giant Eagle® Terms of Use. By using Scan Pay Go™, you specifically agree to those Terms.

In addition to the Giant Eagle® Terms, in order to use Scan Pay Go™, please note the following:

  1. You must first download the “Giant Eagle Grocery” App found at the App Store or Google Play for your device, if available. The App may not be available for all devices. We cannot guarantee connectivity with your mobile service or uninterrupted or error-free service of the App.
  2. You agree to accurately scan all items when using Scan Pay Go™, and to pay for all items. If you are unable to scan any items for any reason, you must alert a store employee to make sure all of your items have been scanned and are listed on your receipt.
  3. We may audit some or all of the items in your possession. We may also review your receipt (either your paper receipt or your receipt on your digital device, including your smartphone). We may re-scan some or all of your items to verify the price. If there is a discrepancy in some or all of your item prices, the amount confirmed by the store employee will be the amount payable by you.
  4. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your use of the Scan Pay Go™ service. In addition, we reserve the right to modify, suspend, or eliminate the Scan Pay Go™ service at any of our stores.
  5. If there is a discrepancy between the price that an item is displayed for sale within a store and the price that an item displays within the Scan Pay Go™ service, you agree that the price that the item was displayed in the store is the price at which the item was advertised for sale; we reserve the right to correct any discrepancies by charging the in-store advertised price. Full program details can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scan Pay Go™?


This time-saving technology allows you to scan and bag items as you shop and check out without waiting in line. You’ll know exactly how much you’re spending as you shop. And, you’ll still get all the coupons, sales and perks you love.

Where can I use Scan Pay Go™?


Check here to see if the Giant Eagle® and Market District® stores where you shop offer Scan Pay Go™ at this time. Scan Pay Go™ is not currently available at GetGo® locations.

How do I get started with Scan Pay Go™?


You can shop with Scan Pay Go™ using your personal smartphone or one of our handheld devices in-store. You must also have your Giant Eagle Advantage Card® or your card number.

  1. To Use Your Smartphone

    1. Make sure you’re using the most recent operating system version on your phone and go to the app store to download the correct app. If you cannot find the correct app, please visit the Guest Services Desk,

    2. Enter the full 12-digit number on the back of your Giant Eagle Advantage Card®.

    3. Once you’re in the store, you must use the Giant Eagle® Guest Wi-Fi network and have location services turned on in your phone’s settings (this will determine you’re in a store with Scan Pay Go™). We encourage the use of reusable bags so you can bag your groceries as you go.

  2. Scan your Giant Eagle Advantage Card®.

    1. Take the flashing device and start shopping! We encourage the use of reusable bags so you can bag your groceries as you go.

Can I use Scan Pay Go™ without a smartphone?


Yes, at select locations! You can use our handheld devices available in-store. Just look for the kiosk located at the main entrance of your store, scan your Advantage Card® to unlock a device and start scanning.

Can I bag my groceries as I shop?


Absolutely! We encourage Scan Pay Go™ shoppers to save time by using reusable bags and bagging your groceries as you go.

How do I add items to my order?


Scan your items individually as you go.

How do I add produce and other weighed items?


Take your items to a scale station located in the Produce Department. Look for the purple “Scale Station” signs hanging above each station. You can enter the PLU, look up the item or scan to find the item you would like to add to your order. Simply follow the prompts on the screen.

There is no PLU or barcode on the produce item, how do I enter it?


Go to the Scale Station and select “Search Images” to find the item you’d like to add to your order.

Why isn’t the sale price reflected when I scan the item?


Some sale prices—such as buy one get one free offers—are applied to your final receipt at the end of the transaction. Please visit Customer Service if sale prices do not appear on your final receipt.

How do I purchase restricted items like alcohol and tobacco?


Some items require age verification. You’ll be prompted on your device to show identification at checkout.

How do I check out?


Payments are not yet accepted through the app nor on the handheld devices in-store. Complete your transaction at the dedicated Scan Pay Go™ Checkout Lane or at any other checkout lane. At the dedicated San Pay & Go™ Checkout, simply scan the barcode on the screen to transfer your order to the register.

Why did my order have to be checked by a Team Member?


The system will randomly trigger accuracy checks to ensure that Scan Pay Go™ is working correctly and that your order and price are accurate.

What can I do if I’m having trouble using Scan Pay Go™?

  1. If your Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone is interrupted for any reason, your session will pick up where you left off when a connection is reestablished.

  2. If you’re having trouble with your device, you can transfer your order to another in-store handheld device at any time. Be sure to take the new device and retrieve the existing transaction before returning your original device.

  3. Please contact Customer Care 1-800-553-2324 or 1-866-620-0216 (Indianapolis Customers).

What does Giant Eagle® do with the information collected through Scan Pay Go™?


You can find information about our privacy practices, including how we collect, share, and use information that we collect through Scan Pay Go™, by going to our Privacy Notice.

Where can I find the Terms of Use for my use of Scan Pay Go™?


The use of Scan Pay Go™ is subject to the Mobile Checkout Service Terms and the Giant Eagle® Terms of Use.

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Scan Pay Go

Check to see if Scan Pay Go™ is available in your store.

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