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Helpful tips on how to have a fun and safe Fourth of July Party

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Fourth of July Backyard Barbecue

Gas up the grill, soak up the sun and celebrate the Fourth of July with family and friends! You don’t have to go far to create awesome memories — this year, host a party right in your backyard! America’s birthday is always filled with activities, fireworks, and food, but don’t forget to be safe while celebrating! Here are some important tips on how to keep you and your guests safe during your backyard party.

Party Planning
Make your backyard festive with patriotic decorations and food!

  • Red, white, and blue streamers, banners, flags, and lights are the perfect way to make your yard festive!
  • Play patriotic music to honor and celebrate the holiday.
  • Dress in your best red, white, and blue outfit!
  • Create recycled centerpieces! Save your hollowed-out watermelon and use as a fresh flower vase for your picnic tables! Add red, white, and blue flowers for even more themed decorations.
  • Make super easy and yummy Fourth of July desserts. Jell-O Stars are a fun and refreshing sweet treat!

Grilling Safety

  • Clean your grill before each use to get rid of grease and grime that could harbor bacteria.
  • Do not leave a lit grill unattended.
  • Locate the grill two feet away from flammable outdoor objects like chairs, siding, and trees.
  • Always keep children and pets away from the grill.

Food Safety

  • Cover your food as much as possible to reduce bugs. Do not leave food sitting outside for extended periods of time because things can spoil quickly in the heat. Place food that needs to remain chilled in a cooler or on ice.
  • Wash your hands often when preparing and serving food.
  • Cook meat to proper temperatures.
    • Hamburgers - 160°F
    • Chicken and Hot Dogs - 165°F
    • Fish - 145°F

General Safety

  • Keep sunscreen and bug spray handy! Sunburn and bug bites are uncomfortable and ruin the party — use and reapply wisely! For more information and tips on sun care, click here.
  • Stay hydrated! A mixture of hot sun, food, and alcohol can take a toll on our bodies. Use the 70/70 rule — when the temperature and humidity are both above 70°F and 70% drink water before, during, and after activities to keep from dehydrating.

  • Alcohol Tips – Do not drink on an empty stomach. Alternate each alcoholic beverage with water. Plan for a designated driver.
  • Fireworks safety – Keep fireworks at a safe distance from your home, guests, pets, and anything flammable. Keep a bucket of water nearby. Light one firework at a time. Adult supervision is always required when a child is using a firework.

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