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Backyard fun for fall around the bonfire.

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Fire Pit Food and Fun

Bonfires for Big Fans

For many of us, fall evenings traditionally revolve around attending fall sports games, meets, and matches. If you find yourself with a bye week or two, spending your evening around a blazing backyard bonfire is never a bad idea. Not only can you still enjoy the stadium foods — courtesy of the recipes below — that pair so well with fall weather, you can also still fill your calendar with plenty of action. Just take a look at our bonfire tips and you’ll soon be feeling all the comforts of fall.

Cider Season

Kids and adults alike love warming up with a cup of cider. The adult version just might have an extra ingredient or two suitable only for those over 21 years of age. The types of spirits you can mix in are more numerous than you may think. Dark liquors like spiced rum and rye whiskey are always popular, but this year calls for one of these more creative approaches.

Tequila — for a fall cider-rita
Beer — for a cider shandy
Champagne — for cider mimosas

S’more Than a Feeling

For a guaranteed way to capture fall feels around the fire, there’s no beating s’mores. Add even more excitement to making them by swapping out traditional ingredients with in-season produce like apples and pears.

Home Games

If you’re missing the thrill of competition, you can transform your yard into a playing field in minutes by setting up classic tailgate games like cornhole, or rolling out the bocce balls. If it’s too dark, play flashlight tag by having the person who’s “it’ close their eyes, count to 30, and try to “tag” someone by shining their light on them. Just make sure you stock up on batteries.

Bring on Spring

It may not seem like a fall activity, but now is the time to plant spring flower bulbs. It’s a great way to look forward to warm weather’s return, and when you’re done you can relax around the fire with a warm cider (see above).

Recipes You’ll Root For

We know some of fall’s best foods are typically enjoyed at the stadium. But, you can easily indulge in your own backyard with these three standing ovation-worthy recipes.

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Chicago Dogs

Alt text

Pittsburgh-Style Sandwich

Alt text

Garlic Fries