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Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

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Whether you like them soft, crispy, as big as a cake or as small as a bite, chocolate chip cookies are one of life’s most delicious treasures. But who can we thank for inventing these chocolate chipped treats? And how did they become as popular as they are? And is it physically possible to eat 13 pounds of them? Find out the answers to these questions, plus some of our favorite recipes and craveable chocolate chip cookie facts.

A Grave Mistake?
It has long been mistakenly reported that the invention of the chocolate chip cookie was a happy accident that occurred when a bag full of chocolate pieces fell into some cookie batter, but this is only partly true. In 1938, America chef Ruth Graves Wakefield was tired of her regular cookie recipes so she decided to try something new. Wakefield broke up a Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate bar into chunks and purposefully introduced them to her cookie batter thinking they would melt and create a fully chocolate cookie. Instead, the chunks kept their shape and the chocolate chip cookie (then called a Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookie) was born.

Sweets for Soldiers
During WWII, baking was seen as a luxury due to sugar rationing. Instead of giving up, Nestlé and Toll House doubled down, creating marketing campaigns based around the idea of households baking chocolate chip cookies to send to soldiers overseas to lift spirits and help win the war. Thanks to their efforts, the popularity of chocolate chip cookies quickly spread throughout the country and since we did eventually win the war, we should thank those cookies every day for the delicious part they played.

Cookies for Rookies
Today, every bag of Nestlé chocolate chips has a recipe on the back so it’s easier than ever to bake these tasty treats at home. To make the perfect cookies every time here are some simple tips:

  1. Use softened butter (not margarine), and be sure not to melt too much as this will change the consistency of the cookie.
  2. Use a dry, clean cookie sheet.
  3. Invest in a cookie scooper for uniform cookies.
  4. Don’t beat the egg too roughly, just enough to mix in the sugar and butter.
  5. Underbake. If you bake just slightly less than the recipe calls for, just a minute or two, your cookies are sure to be soft and chewy.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Records
The world’s biggest chocolate chip cookie was created in Flat Rock, North Carolina and was 102 feet wide and over 40,000 pounds. The longest line of cookies was made possible at The Star in Frisco (Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters) and contained over 3,000 assorted chocolate chip cookies in the shape of a football. And if you think you’ve eaten a lot of chocolate chip cookies in your life, the record for most chocolate chip cookies eaten in a single sitting goes to competitive eater Matt “Megatoad” Stonie of San Jose, California who ate 203 Chips Ahoy cookies and one gallon of milk in 27 minutes and 33 seconds. That’s 13 whole pounds of cookies and over 12,000 calories!

We don’t recommend going for any records, but check out some of our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes:

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